Meditation 10

Integration of the 3 Centers above the Diaphragm

(Volume 1 - Pages 302-303)

The objective of this exercise is to integrate the three centers above the diaphragm, and so make the personality more magnetic, and more definitely responsive to the radiation of the soul.

For your meditation work I suggest the following procedure:

  1. First of all, do the breathing exercise.

  1. Then, focussing the consciousness as high in the head as possible, sound the Sacred Word.

  1. Then do the following brief and intensive visualisation exercise:

  1. Imagine a path of golden light, leading from where you stand to a vast two-leaved door.

  1. Then see, rolling along this path a disk or wheel of rose, which you send forth and which eventually disappears through the door.

  1. Then send along the same track a disk of vivid green, and follow it by a disk of golden yellow, both of which disappear the same way.

  1. Then send a disk or wheel of a radiant, electric blue, which rolls along the golden Path but which does not enter through the door but remains there, hiding the door from sight.

  1. Picture then yourself as standing before the electric blue disk, having traversed the golden path and there meditating upon the following words:

"I am the Way myself, the door am I. I am the golden Path

 and in the light of my own light I tread the Way.

I enter through the door. I turn and radiate the light."

  1. You can then carry forward your own meditation.

  1. Sound the Sacred Word again, breathing it out upon the world from the highest point in your consciousness that seems to you possible.