Meditation 11

Invoking the Light of the Soul

(Volume 1 - Pages 304-305)

Continue with the breathing exercise. I seek to make no change in this. The rhythm of the work must be definitely established so that it becomes automatic, thereby permitting freedom of thought within the limits of the work. I will, however, change your meditation outline in the following particulars:

1. The breathing exercise.

2. The sounding of the A.U.M.

3. See before your mind's eye the same two-leaved door, standing wide open. Through it you see a radiant sun of golden light.

4. Instead of sending forth the disks of coloured light, visualise yourself as standing before this open door.

5. Then say: "May the energy of the divine self inspire me."  

    Feel your entire nature vitalised by the spiritual energy, pouring through the open door upon you and through you.

6. Next say: "May the light of the soul direct." 

Visualise that light pouring upon your daily path. Bring into that light your group problems which you may have to solve and face, and face them and handle them in the light.

7. Finish the rest of the invocation, saying the words with all the power of your soul behind them.  


     Add the mantram I earlier gave you:

"I am the Way myself, the door am I.

I am the golden Path and in the light of my own light I tread that Way.

I enter through the door. I turn and radiate the light."

8. Sound the A.U.M. as before.