Meditation 13

Shifting the Personality Focus into the Astral Body

(Volume 1 - Pages 320-321)

The meditation exercise I give to you, at present, is one that will aid in fusion and release the magnetic quality of your life. You will have enough to do to incorporate your aspiration, life content and intelligent consciousness with your group, plus mastering the technique of the new work which they, too, are learning. Do this brief exercise in consciousness and visualisation, prior to the group work and meditation.

1. Sound the O.M. as a personality. Do so at the highest mental point, raising your aspiration at the

    same time, with the mind to the soul.

2. Sound the O.M. as the soul, breathing it out in the will-to-love all beings and arresting its

    descent at the astral body. Do this by an act of the will and the use of the creative imagination.

3. Having thus vitalised the astral body and imagined the fusion of soul, personality, and astral

    force, then direct this triple stream of energy to the heart center, rushing it there, if I might so

    express it.