Meditation 19

Meditation upon Strength and Method

(Volume 1 - Pages 393-394)

I give you six themes for meditation during the next six months:

1st month—Why is strength needed to:

a. Tread the Path of Revelation.

b. Cross the sea of dark illusion.


c. Face the lighted way of earth.

2nd month—What should I do? I seek to tread the lighted Way which leads back to the Presence.

What in my life obstructs that Way?

3rd month—How can I do the duty of this day, yet demonstrate detachment?

4th month—How can I meet each rising need, yet stand apart and unafraid?

5th month—How can I enter into light and steadfast stand, seeing the truth on every hand?

6th month—How can I guide my brothers on the Way and with them find the secret of the dark

light which reveals? How can I discover the agent which dispels illusion?

Dedicate yourself and life and all you have to the service of the Plan and do this in full consciousness and not as a required duty. Stand with your group brothers in the light of the Presence. As a group, renew your dedication.