Meditation 20

 Meditation upon Joy

(Volume 1 - Pages 397-398)

Consider the following themes monthly for your meditation for a period of six months:

1st month—Why is happiness needed in order to:

a. Tread the Path of Revelation.

b. Meet the needs of others.

c. Clear away the obstacles I find?

2nd month—What is the relation of happiness to joy?

a. What do I know of each?

b. Which is characteristic of the soul?

3rd month—How can the words and the understanding of "the joy of the Lord is your strength"

affect my daily life?

a. In what ways can I demonstrate joy?

b. How can I shew forth happiness?

c. What are the differences in these two?

4th month—In what way can joy and happiness undermine fear, and liberate me from fears?

5th month—How can I enter into the joy which the Masters know?

a. Upon what is this joy based?

b. What effect can joy have upon the world of illusion?

6th month—Why must I bring joy to my group brothers?

a. How can I do this in each specific case, for each case differs?

b. What are the major hindrances to my own joyfulness?

Thus, my brother, you can train yourself to build in that quality of joy which is the characteristic of a personality which is consciously anchored in the soul realm.