Meditation 21

A Review on Joy

(Volume 1 - Pages 398-400)

  1. What constitutes a review?

a. Am I confusing a reviewing with a re-doing or with a re-experiencing?

b. Am I asked to re-experience, or am I simply asked to observe as a detached onlooker?

  1. Am I capable of detaching myself emotionally from any registration of joy?

  1. Can I see myself mentally, unbiased by any reaction from the emotional, personal self? Am I personally capable of this?

  1. If I use this review on joy as it should be used, what will be the effect in my life, and what will be the effect in the life of the group I seek to serve?

  1. Can I honestly say that I serve joyously?

  1. Which do I desire the most, to serve joyously or to serve intelligently? Do I know my reasons?

  1. If this review work is a definitely scientific method of development, have I ever given the method of joy a fair trial? Or the work of the review a fair trial?

  1. What basis can I find in my study that this method of reviewing is the way for me, and that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness in service and thus speed my progress on the Path?

  1. Is my progress on the Path of importance? Why?

  1. If it is true that the blind must advance by touching, and by keeping hold, but that those with sight move by seeing and by keeping free and unattached, why then (having sight) do I close my eyes and hold on, and feel my way instead of seeing it? Those who can see are full of joy, and can be messengers and helpers. Those who touch have simply to be led. Of which of these two groups am I a member?

  1. Is my mind the organ of vision for the spiritual man? Am I offering this organ to the higher self to use?

  1. Can I hold the mind steady in the light of the soul?

  1. As I review my day, what part has joy played?

  1. How do I define the word joy?

  1. Have I been ruled by joy, and has it dominated my day?

  1. Joy is the quality which grows out of self-realisation. Am I able to forget the fragmentary personal self? Can I recognise the One Self in all selves?

  1. We are told that there is an archetype, a pattern, a way, a goal, and a light which shines upon the Path. But, realising this, do I know anything of the joy which should irradiate my way?

  1. How is the archetypal pattern of joy (which is bliss) reflected in my life?

  1. Do I recognise my fellow pilgrims on the Way of Joy?

  1. Is the objective of joy always before me?

  1. Can I draw upon the Joy and Bliss of the Path when others need it?

  1. I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In what way does joy redeem?

  1. Does redeeming joyous force flow through me?

  1. My nature is in truth joy, or bliss. In what fashion does this joy manifest itself? Does it manifest at all?

  1. In which body do I most easily express my joy?

  1. If I demonstrated joy, was it a task, or did I find it easy?

  1. What activities and qualities of my lower nature need to be eliminated if I seek to serve more joyously?

  1. What truthfully hinders my being full of joy?

  1. How does a joyous spirit affect my fellowmen?

  1. In what way can I most joyously serve my fellowmen?