Meditation 23

A Meditation upon Silence

(Volume 1 - Page 421)

I use the phrase “the lighted Way" in many of my communications. This is because I seek to evoke in all my disciples the recognition that the light which is in each and all of you will, and can, and oft-times does, light your path of life.

The meditation which I would give you has in it these two thoughts of silence and joy, for these, rightly fostered, mean strength conserved and magnetic service. Continue the breathing exercise as heretofore, and then proceed as follows:

  1. Withdraw your outgoing consciousness from the periphery to the point of silence within the head, to the place where the "gold and the blue meet, blend and merge."

  1. Then endeavour to feel that utter silence. When you have entered into it and are aware of it, then

  1. From that point send forth blessing:

a. To your immediate circle of family and friends.

b. To your co-disciples.

c. To your group of students.

d. To the outer world.

e. To me, your Tibetan Brother.

f. To the New Group of World Servers.

g. To the Hierarchy.

  1. Then visualising a vivid golden yellow, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of silence.

  1. Next, visualising a vivid electric blue, ponder on the true significance, value and reward of joy.

  1. Sound the O.M. three times audibly, with the thought in mind as you sound it, of:

a. The cleansing of the aura.

b. The silencing of all discords.

c. The expression of joy.