Meditation 27

Three Magical Phrases

(Volume 1 - Pages 455 and 460)

I now give you some sentences which I would ask you to make especially your own.  There are three such sentences and you might regard them as constituting a magical phrase for each of your three bodies:

Phrase I - For the Mind

"Like a golden butterfly which flies in the face of the sun, I find myself poised upon the lotus petal of the earth. I hover; I stay a little moment and then I fly—into the golden pathway that leads unto the sun."

Phrase II - For the Emotional Nature

"There is no darkness and no fog. There is no night or day. There are no storms nor peace, no rest nor strife; only the steadfast will of God which works toward good."

Phrase III - For the Physical Body

"Down from the mountain top I come, bringing the light of Life, the life of Light. Into the chalice of the form I pour that light which life confers, this life which light sustains. I see this golden light transform the darkness into day. I see the blue of life divine pour through the form, healing and soothing. Thus is the task performed. Thus is a man of earth transformed into a Son of God."

Give the coming months to these three phrases in your meditation and ponder deeply on their significance.

1st and 2nd months—Phrase I

3rd and 4th months—Phrase II

5th and 6th months—Phrase III

Otherwise keep your meditation unchanged. One of the purposes of these meditation seed thoughts is the physical transformation of the lower man, but your success will be dependent upon the changes wrought in the two inner, subtler bodies through the medium of the first two phrases.