Meditation 28

An Exercise for Soul Integration

(Volume 1 - Page 495)

1. Relax. Identify yourself with the soul and strive to eliminate the personal consciousness. Herein lies your battle ground. An intense interest in some other theme is your major way of escape.

2. Sound the O.M., seeking (as you do so) to call upon the soul. This sounding of the O.M. is directed upward from you, the personality, to the over-shadowing, waiting soul. It is the threefold call of your personality vehicles.

3. Accept the contact and the response and believe that it does exist. Here lies release—belief in the fact of the soul and its relation to you.

4. Meditate then upon the implications, using knowledge and mind as the method of understanding. Accept the implications at which you arrive, provided they are the highest you can reach.

5. Center your consciousness in the ajna center—the center of personality force and integration. Then sound the O.M. again, this time as the soul.

6. Then again sound the O.M. as the soul and see it:

    a. Purifying the mind so that the illusion of the separated self disappears.

    b. Driving out selfish preoccupation and substituting intense interest in humanity and God's plan for man.

    c. Vitalising the etheric vehicle so that the physical body is galvanised in service and flooded with vitality.  Believe that this is so.

7. Then linking up consciously with the soul, the real, inclusive self, go forth to your work.

You will note that I here call on the functioning of both your imaginative capacity to believe and on your power of reflective reasoning. The right use of these two aspects of your personality, within the radius of soul light, will bring you release. But in the earlier stages of this process you will have to accept my word for it and go on, therefore, with the work even when you yourself see or feel no results of any kind.