Meditation 29

Seed Thoughts upon Dedication to Service

(Volume 1 - Page 523)

Stand as a center of strength to all you meet and cast not my suggestions aside because your personality rejects the possibility of achievement. Upon the inner planes you have achieved; upon the outer plane today see that that achievement is also demonstrated. From the place wherein your physical plane life is lived, let there go forth that which can heal and bless. Nothing can stop this blessing; it speeds forth upon the wings of detachment and from a heart that has no care for itself; it goes upon its mission because you have learned to trust the souls of those with whom your lot is cast.

I will give you the following eight sentences as seed thoughts for your meditation and would ask you to ponder them with care during the next eight months:

1st month—Upon my tower I stand and naught can reach me here. Thus to the work which comes my way I dedicate myself.

2nd month—Only my soul can reach the point of strength whereon I stand and to my soul that way is always open. To the task my soul assigns, I dedicate myself.

3rd month—From the high point I oft come down and walk the ways of life and beauty with my brothers. To the task of helping them I dedicate myself.

4th month—The radiance of love I seek to shower on all I meet and to this life of radiant love, I dedicate myself.

5th month—With carelessness divine, I face my daily life, knowing that all is well. To the aid of those I serve, the Masters of the Way, I dedicate myself.

6th month—With true divine indifference I shoulder every load that comes my way, for naught can touch my soul. To manifest this confidence, I dedicate myself.

7th month—Those who are given to me to love, upon the ways of life, I love and serve. I gaze upon them free from fear. To strengthen them within their souls, I dedicate myself.

8th month—Upon my tower, in the high place of vision, now I stand and from that point I live and love and work. To this high destiny I dedicate myself.

Make an attempt to grasp the reality of the service and the usefulness that you can render.