Meditation 36

 A Breathing Exercise for Alignment

(Volume 1 - Page 670)

One of the problems in connection with all spiritual and meditational work is to avoid becoming too abstract; spiritual achievement will come through the blending of the highest possible point of spiritual recognition with the enlightened mind and the physical brain consciousness.

The keynote of this is, of course, alignment. Have this thought of alignment in your consciousness as you proceed with the following meditation:

  1. Sound the Sacred Word audibly, regarding yourself as the physical man and holding the thought of physical coordination.

An interlude wherein you take six long slow breaths, thinking as you do so about coordination.

  1. Sound the Sacred Word then inaudibly, regarding yourself as the astral-emotional man, holding whilst you do it the thought of the purification and the transmutation of desire.

An interlude wherein you seek definitely to raise your consciousness higher and, whilst you are doing this, taking seven long slow breaths.

  1. Sound the Sacred Word inaudibly again, pondering this time upon the mind as the reflector of the light of the soul and endeavouring to hold the mind steady in that light.

An interlude wherein you aspire to soul consciousness whilst taking ten long slow breaths, raising your consciousness as high as you can.

  1. Sound the Sacred Word this time as the soul, realising that the attention of the soul is definitely turned to the personality and that it seeks to control and dominate the personality.

When doing the slow breathing, endeavour to sit erect without tension, and see to it that at no time, when inhaling, you inflate the abdomen, but that the abdomen is held drawn in towards the spine below the diaphragm.