Meditation #38

Alignment with the Group and the Master

(Volume 2 - Page 16)

This meditation is to be a group effort, and not an individual one, and it is as a group that I shall seek to contact you.  Therefore it is necessary for you to have this in your mind as you prepare for that moment.  

You must first link up with all of the group members, pouring yourself out in love to each of them, and to all collectively and associating yourself with them as a part of the whole.

Then, in united effort, attempt the following procedure:

  1. Having linked up with all of your group brothers, and having raised your consciousness as high as you possibly can, endeavor to then hold steady, holding the mind unwaveringly ‘in the light,’ and letting the brain consciousness and its registration drop below the level of consciousness.

  1. Then initiate a new effort.  Realize that, on my side, I also stand steady, pouring out upon you my love and strength and endeavoring to lift you up into a higher state of consciousness.

  1. Visualize a disk or sphere of indigo blue ahead of you, it is a deep electric blue.  In the center of that disk, imagine that I, your Tibetan brother, am standing.  My appearance and personality matter not.

  1. When you have visualized me thus standing waiting, then endeavor to see - stretching between yourself, the group and me - a band of golden light and know this to be the symbol of the Path which we are all treading.  See this path gradually shortening, thus bringing us closer together, slowly and steadily, until you enter into the heart of the blue disk.

Whilst doing this, hold the mind positive and attentive, using simultaneously the faculties of imagination and of visualization.  Regard this as a united group effort and remember that, in doing so, you aid each other.