Meditation #42a

Full Moon - Head/Heart/Solar Plexus

(Volume 2 - Page 118)

Stage I

At the time of the Full Moon each month, I ask you to work as follows:

Group yourselves, symbolically, pictorially and imaginatively, around your Teacher and face the East with Him, standing in a semi-circle slightly behind Him.

  1. Stretch out your hands in blessing and say together, with solemn, voiced intent, the Mantram of Unification.  Throw the power of your focused thought and will into and behind the words.

  1. Then stand together in the light which streams ever from the East and see it pouring through the Master to each of you, entering by the head center, passing from thence to the heart center, and then from the heart it is directed by an act of the focused will - expressed and propelled forth consciously - to the quiescent point of dim light within the solar plexus.

  1. Then, withdrawing again to the head center, consciously endeavor to see the three centers (head-heart-solar plexus) linked together so that the heads of all the group members are thinking as one and the hearts of the group members are loving as one.  Your aspiration (through the spiritual awakening of the solar plexus) will then surge upwards as one spontaneous movement.  This will, in due time, create a magnetic field of light and life, within which the New Group of World Servers will live, mature and come to fruition.

Meditation #42b

Full Moon - Head/Heart/Solar Plexus

(Volume 2 - Pages 123)

Stage II

  1. Rapidly repeat STAGE I, taking no more than five minutes in so doing.  Lift your consciousness and relate the head and the heart.  Repeat thoughtfully the Mantram of Unification.

  1. With the focus of the consciousness then in the head, summon the Will to your aid and by an act of the will carry the energy focused in the head to the solar plexus.  To facilitate this process, you can use the following process:

  1. I am the Soul.  I am Love.  Above all else I am both Will and fixed design.

  1. My will is now to lift the lower self into the light divine.  I am this light.

  1. Therefore, I must descend to where the lower self awaits my coming.  That which desires to lift and that which cries aloud for lifting are now at-one.  Such is my will.

While saying these mantric words, vision pictorially

the process of focusing - demanding - descending & at-one-ing.

  1. Pause here and endeavor to feel and sense the initiatory vibration or embryonic interplay which is being established between the awakened and the awakening points within the solar plexus. This involves an act of slow concentration.

  1. Then sound the O M twice from the head center, knowing yourself to be the soul breathing forth.  Believe this sound, carried upon the breath of will and love, as capable of stimulating the solar plexus in the right way and able to transmute the lower energies so that they will be pure enough to be carried first of all to the awakening point and from that point eventually to the heart center.

  1. As you vision the energies of the solar plexus being carried up the spine to the heart center (situated between the shoulder blades), breathe out the O M again into the solar plexus but this time draw the focused energy up the spine towards the head.  The vibration thus established will carry the energy to the heart as it must pass it on its way to the head.

  1. Then focus yourself in the heart, believing that a triangle of energy has been formed between the head, the heart and the solar plexus.  Vision it then as being composed of the energy of light, resembling a triangle of neon light whose colour will be dependent upon the Ray of the Soul.

  1. Then repeat the Mantram of Unification.

  1. Standing, therefore, in the center of the heart, see the energy of your group brothers as the radiating spokes of a great wheel of light.  This wheel has many spokes and at the center of the wheel can be found the Master.  Then slowly with love, mention aloud the names of each of your group brothers, not omitting yourself.

  1. Then see this wheel as actively moving and scintillating, and thus serving humanity through its focused radiation, which is the radiation of love.

  1. Then close with the New Invocation.

All the above is purely symbolic but if carried out as a visualization process for some months, consistently and consciously, it will create a state of mind and of awareness which will be enduring because “as a man thinketh, so is he.”