Meditation #43

The Stages of Recognition, Consideration, Determination

(Volume 2 - Pages 139-141 )

You will note that the following description of the meditation work is based upon the three previous meditations, which sought to bring the etheric body with its various force centers into such a condition that it could become receptive to impression, through the alignment exercise you endeavored to bring that organized instrument of service into contact with the source of inspiration and the source of impression.  

Now we are in a position to begin the task of bringing through the inspiration and impression consciously, by determined contact with their sources.  I will therefore briefly outline the work:

  1. The Stage of Recognition:

  1. Recognition of your pledged discipleship.

  1. Recognition of your equipment, gratefully rendered.

  1. Recognition of your achieved alignment.

  1. Recognition of the Soul, the source of Love-Wisdom.

  1. Recognition of the Hierarchy.

*All of this should be done rapidly, holding the consciousness in the Mind and not the head.

  1. The Stage of Consideration:

  1. Of the Ashram as a whole, i.e. of the Hierarchy as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara.  You will see through the use of the creative imagination, all the Ashrams in close contact with Shamballa as:

i) Responsive to the Purpose, implemented by the Ashrams of the Chohans.

ii) Impressed by the energy of Will as the great Ashram energizes its component

     parts, the various Ashrams within its periphery of influence.

iii) Vitalizing the initiates and disciples who are affiliated with the Masters and

      working in Their Ashrams.

iv) Reaching out, through the accepted and pledged disciples, into the world of men.  

v)  Then say with purpose and determination:

“I strive towards comprehension.  Thy will, not mine, be done.”

  1. Of the world of souls which is the Hierarchy in relation to this world of men, and not in relation to Shamballa, as in the first part.  This involves:

i) A study of the nature of the hierarchical effort, as it is expressed through love.

ii) A conscious identification with the Plan.

iii) Dedication to the work originating in the Ashram with which you know yourself to be in touch, seeing it all as an integral part of the hierarchical work.

iv) Then say with love and aspiration:

“I strive towards understanding.  

Let wisdom take the place of knowledge in my life.”

  1. Of yourself as a unit in my Ashram.  This will involve:

i) Recognizing which aspect of my planned work you are equipped to do.

ii) Determining how to accomplish the work.

iii) Considering the factor of preparation for eventual initiation, as a means of increasing your capacity for hierarchical cooperation.

iv) Energizing by light, faith, love and power, the spiritual center within which you serve and the Ashramic projects for which you accept responsibility.  

v)  Then say:

“I strive towards cooperation.

Let the Master of my life, the Soul, and likewise the One I seek to serve,

throw light through me onto others.”

  1. The Stage of Fixed Determination

  1. A reflection upon the distinction between Purpose, Will and Intention.

  1. A period of complete focused silence as you seek to present an unobstructed channel for the inflow of light, love and strength from the Hierarchy.

  1. A statement made by you, the Soul, the disciple to the personality:

“In the center of the will of God I stand.

Naught shall deflect my will from His.

I implement that will by love.

I turn towards the field of service.

I, the Triangle divine, work out that will

within the square and thus serve my fellow men.”

If you can do this work correctly, you will not only greatly increase your own realization, service and understanding, but you will definitely be cooperating in the task of externalizing the Ashram and furthering the work of the Hierarchy, and so aid in bringing in the new civilization, the new world attitudes and the new world religion.