Meditation #46

Enhancing the Vertical and Horizontal Service

(Volume 2 - Pages 178-179 )

I will outline for you a meditation which symbolizes both the vertical and the horizontal life of the disciple.  It is built up around certain words understood esoterically.

  1.  Earnestly affirm your discipleship and endeavor to link up with D.K. as the Master of the  


  1. Say the Great Invocation, emphasizing one of the four stanzas during each week of the month, and dwelling on its significance longer than the others.

  1. Your meditation must then be built up around eight words, which you can arrange within your consciousness in the following manner.  

The mode of your application of all this must be related to your daily life expression, and at some point you, the incarnated Soul, must realize the factual nature of your dual life as a disciple.  

  1. Give 10-15 minutes to the consideration of the Vertical-Horizontal life and note how one vertical line supports the other lines in many cases, but that no horizontal lines do this.

  1. Taking your stand at the point where all the lines meet, endeavor to realize yourself as the one at the center, radiating throughout your most definitely defined ring-pass-not.

  1. Then sound the O M seven times inaudibly.