Meditation #52

Bridging the Astral Nature and the Illumined Intuition

(Volume 2 - Pages 572-573)

The problem of all disciples today is to achieve successful activity in their chosen task of competent citizenship and life occupation and yet, at the same time, to add to that at any cost a practical life of service.  All disciples have two objectives, one outward and one inward, with also an ordained integrated expression.  

This short personal meditation will aid in the development of the creative activity of the throat center, and increase your vision, effective service and usefulness.  Do this meditation prior to the group meditation and do it with dynamic brevity.

  1. A quick rising act of alignment with and as the Soul.

  1. A moment of poised attention.

  1. Sound the O M as the Soul.

  1. Arrest the downward flowing soul energy and effect its fusion with the uprising aspiration of the personality on mental levels.  Hold the consciousness steady at that point.

  1. Then visualize a golden band of light, extending from the Soul via the mind to the physical brain.  Simultaneously attempt to see a thin thread of light ascending upwards from the soul towards the Hierarchy, passing through the members of the group.

  1. Then breathe out the O M again and see it going to the throat center at the back of the neck.

  1. Focus your consciousness there, and at the same time, hold it in the head.  This activity corresponds to the dual life of the disciple.

  1. Sound the O M six times as the Soul, sending the energy:

  1. To the mind, and focus there.

  1. To the brain or the highest head center.

  1. To the throat center and focus there.

  1. From that center, imaginatively breathe out the O M throughout the personality.

  1. Then breathe it out over the group of your brothers.

  1. From thence to humanity.

If you will do this as an exercise in the direction and right flow of energy, via the throat center, you will find much instructive value emerging and increased usefulness and effectiveness in every aspect of your life, in the world and on spiritual levels as a disciple.