Meditation #53

Time and the Eye of Vision

(Volume 2 - Pages 590-591)

It is always difficult for the disciple who is working in the world of human affairs to strike the happy medium between sound physical plane techniques in expression and the measure of the vision which he sees; it is never easy to adapt and relate the old to the new, thus producing that which the present requires.  

The task of the disciple, as you can see from the three words used above, (old, new, present) is Time.  This right comprehension of the time element requires the eye of vision, plus the right interpretation of that which it sees.

  1.  Sound the O M three times, withdrawing your consciousness as you do so to the ajna center

 between the eyebrows.  Hold it steadily there.

  1. Then look forth imaginatively in three directions:

  1. Upward to the world of the Soul, to the kingdom of God and to the Hierarchy.  Seek as you do this to link up definitely with your own Master.

  1. Inward to the world of human thought and aspiration - the world of ideals and of human aspirational vision.

  1. Outward over the world of events, over the exoteric objective world of tangible happenings.  

  1. Still holding the consciousness in the ajna center, express to yourself in definitely formulated thought, the duty of the day in the light of this triple interrelation.

  1. Then, focusing the light that is in you, send out the dedicated energy of your personality into the sphere of your chosen work through the medium of your left eye and the potent energy of your Soul through the right eye.  This will prove potent in effect.

  1. Then, as a Soul, draw from the realm of soul life a fresh supply of soul energy and concentrate it in the head and heart, holding it steadily there for use during the day’s work.

  1. Sound the O M three times inaudibly.

This meditation should only take a few minutes, but it must be done

dynamically and with full control over thought and activity.