Meditation #55

Increasing the Flow of Energy to the Heart Center

(Volume 2 - Pages 660-661)

The following meditation should be done each day at the close of your group practice.  Its objective is the increase of the flow of energy to the heart center, remembering always that the heart center is a twelve-petalled lotus.

  1. Visualization exercise:

  1. Achieve alignment as rapidly as possible.

  1. Hold in the mind, imaginatively, the straight line of the spinal column, the head center, the sutratma and the antahkarana - thus linking the centers in the body with the Soul.

  1. Then carry the line which your imagination has constructed, from the center at the base of the spine to the closed lotus bud in the center of the twelve-petalled lotus.

  1. Having done this, recognize your identity with all souls who constitute, in their entirety, the One Soul.

  1. Then sound the O M as a soul, as far as in you lies, breathing it out from soul levels with no fixed objective in your mind.  Do this six times.

  1. Then sound the O M again after a pause (thus making seven in all) sending it out into the ajna center.  From there carry it down to the heart center and hold it there for later use.  Do this as a soul whose nature is love.

  1. Then, bearing in mind that the heart center is the repository of twelve forces or energies, seek to develop them by pondering upon the virtues through which these energies express themselves, taking one each month for a year.

  1. Group love, embracing individuals.
  2. Humility, signifying your personality attitude.
  3. Service, indicating your soul’s preoccupation.
  4. Patience, signifying embryonic immortality.
  5. Life, or expressed activity, which is the manifestation of love because it is essential dualism.
  6. Tolerance, which is the first expression of buddhic understanding.
  7. Identification with others, which is embryonic fusion, carried eventually to synthesis when the head center is developed.
  8. Compassion, which is essentially the right use of the pairs of opposites.
  9. Sympathy, which is the consequence of knowledge and of the unfoldment of the knowledge petals.  Such energy then is in touch with the heart center.
  10. Wisdom, which is the fruit of love and indicates the awakening of the love petals of the egoic lotus.
  11. Sacrifice, which is the giving of the heart’s blood or life for others.

  1. After a quiet meditation on one of these qualities of soul expression as they manifest upon the physical plane, sound the O M three times.