Meditation #56

 Lifting the Life of the Astral Body into the Heart Center

(Volume 2 - Pages 686-687)

This meditation will lift the life of the astral body out of the solar plexus into the heart center, thus breaking down some of the limitations, which will disappear when the astral body and the sixth ray astral force are transmuted, and love of the whole takes the place of love of the part.

  1. Take up the mental position of the Observer.  Observe with detachment the conflict between the personality and the Soul.

  1. Then, noting the dim light of the personality and the bright radiance of the soul, observe then another duality, i.e., the bright and powerful light or influence of the solar plexus and the wavering, fluctuating light of the heart center.

  1. Then, through the power of the imagination, focus your consciousness in the radiant soul and hold it steadily there, linking the soul and the head center, again by the power of thought.

  1. Then sound the O M three times, breathing out the energy of the soul into the threefold personality and bringing that energy to rest (as in a reservoir of force) in the ajna center.  Hold it there, enhancing the light of the personality with the radiance of the soul.

  1. Next say:  “The light of the soul puts out the dim light of the personality as the sun puts out the flame of a small fire.  Soul radiance takes the place of personality light.  The sun is substituted for the moon.”

  1. Then, definitely throw the light and energy of the soul into the heart center and believe - through the power of the creative imagination - that it evokes such a powerful, vibratory activity that it acts like a magnet in relation to the solar plexus.  The energy of the solar plexus is lifted up or drawn up into the heart center and is there transmuted into soul love.

  1. Then, still as the Observer, see the reversal of the earlier process.  The solar plexus is dimmed.  The radiance of the heart is substituted.  The light of the soul remains unchanged but the light of the personality is greatly brightened.

  1. Then, again as the soul, united with the personality, sound the O M seven times, breathing it out into your environment.

This is more of a visualization exercise than a meditation, but its efficacy is dependent upon one’s ability as a spiritual observer to preserve mental continuity as you do it.  Energy follows thought and this is the basis of all occult practice.  It is of prime significance in this exercise.