Meditation #57

Balancing the Dual Life of Discipleship

(Volume 2 - Pages 744-745)

One thing which calls for your attention is to grasp in a new and dynamic manner the dual life of discipleship.  Your field of service and your field of karmic obligation must never rule each other out, but you must learn to function efficiently in both careers.  Your time for learning must now give place to the use of what you have acquired of understanding and wisdom.

The following meditation will only be of service to you if followed steadily and with continuity.  It is largely in the nature of a visualization exercise.

  1. Rapid alignment and the sounding of the O M three times.

  1. Focusing the consciousness in the soul with a corresponding concentration in the head at as high a point as possible.

  1. Then sound the O M four times.  This is followed by a pause.

  1. The following visualization exercise is carried forward from the point of concentration attained.  If your attention wanders, sound the O M again.  This is sometimes called the ‘recalling O M.’

  1. See, in the mind’s eye, a sea of light.

  1. Then see yourself standing and awaiting direction upon the physical plane.  Hold these two thoughts quietly for a little time or picture them simultaneously.

  1. Then you, the disciple upon the physical plane, sound the O M inaudibly, dynamically and clearly, and as you do so, see a movement or current in the sea of lighted energy, converging toward you.

  1. See it take form as a stream of down-flowing energy, the energy of love, of strength and of understanding.  

  1. Imagine next that divine flow seeping through your mind and your astral body, and settling into your etheric vehicle, awaiting a Word of Power.

  1. Then sound the O M again and feel the impact of the wave of spiritual energy, entering into your head center, passing from thence to the ajna center, and involving in its flow the center in the medulla oblongata, the alta major center.

  1. Then, at the exact moment of this realized dispersion, say:

“This source of power is all I am and have; I send it forth to serve my fellowmen; I thuse prepare the way into the Ashram, thus drawing men toward the source of power and strength.”

  1. Having completed this exercise, then meditate for 10 minutes upon the service you are asked to render; see it motivated and implemented by the energy just received, and let your creative imagination build for you a structure for your service.