Meditation #58

Transmuting the Energy of the Sacral Center to the Throat

(Volume 2 - Page 747)

You will need to learn to protect yourself from people in a psychic sense.  The protective work must be done by you, and basically involves the transmutation of the energy of the sacral center to the throat.  In the sacral center lie the ancient racial fears and deep-seated personal desires.  

Ponder not upon the sacral center, for that would bring these ancient inheritances to the surface, but let your work be related to the creative throat center.  

The following exercise will prove helpful and may be used as often as needed.

  1. Sound the O M within the throat center, as the soul focused in the ajna center.

  1. With the creative imagination, see the throat center as a radiant, vibrant, brilliant reservoir and know it to be so.

  1. Then send forth from that center a broad and vital stream of energy, down the spine to the sacral center in the spine, preserving the stream intact in your consciousness so that no part of it is deflected to the physical counterparts of the sacral center, the gonads.

  1. Then see the sacral center (in the spine) as a radiant reservoir of energy, but as energy deflected from physical creative activity, to the destruction of ancient racial fears in the world.  Then project that energy out into the world of men, to aid in the destruction of fear.

  1. Next, reaffirming your consciousness positively in the ajna center, withdraw your attention from the sacral center and the throat center, and sound the O M, as the directing disciple, seven times, slowly and inaudibly.