Meditation #60

Seed Thoughts on Loneliness and Solitude

(Volume 2 - Pages 755 and 764)

  1. Be not afraid of loneliness.  The soul that cannot stand alone has naught to give.

  1. Cut deep into the roots of all thy life.  Seek freedom from the past.  Yet move not from the plane where life has placed you in a part to play.

  1. The rhythm of all life pulsates in time and space and in that rhythm you must find a note that liberates.

  1. Ponder on the work of the Destroyer, why comes destruction and why the loss of beauty that has been.  Your task in life should make that knowledge possible.  

Then build.

  1. If possible, be a sannyasin - free, alone with God, your soul and Me.  

Then work and love.

  1. Your major life theme in this coming year is: “Search freedom.”  

Ponder on this, it is the goal of all.

Occultly speaking, you may find that you stand alone upon the physical plane.  You may lead a lonely life if there is no single person in your environment who shares with you the same quality or grade of spiritual perception.  Life has its constant points of revelation, some of which we recognize, and others which pass by unnoted.  The revelation of a certain type of spiritual loneliness is one through which all disciples have to pass; it is a test of that occult detachment which every disciple has to master.

This solitariness has to be faced and understood, and it results in two realizations: first, a realization of your exact point on the ladder of evolution, or on the Path.  Secondly, a realization of an intuitive perception of the point in evolution of those we contact along the way of life.

In this solitude, there is no morbiness, there is no harsh withdrawal, and there is no aspect of separateness.  There is only the “place where the disciple stands, detached and unafraid, and in that place of utter quiet, the Master comes and solitude is not.”

Themes for Meditation

  1. The nature of solitude.

  1. The difference between solitude and loneliness, separateness and isolation.  I refer you to Patanjali* who speaks of ‘isolated unity.’  (*The Light of the Soul - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

  1. Solitude and daily life.

  1. Solitude and the soul.

  1. Solitude as a quality of the interior life of an Ashram.

  1. The solitude of spiritual perception.

  1. The solitude necessitated by the service of the Plan.

  1. Solitude as the background of a radiant life.

  1. Solitude and contact with the Master.

  1. The rewards of solitude.

  1. The voices heard in the silence of solitude.

  1. The silence of the Spheres.