Meditation 7

 An Exercise for Spiritual Energy

(Volume 1 - Pages 230-231)

See to it that by the time the sun moves northward, you will have so assimilated the procedure and accustomed yourself to the form that that aspect of the meditation will be automatic and your inner attention can, therefore, be given to the significances of the work assigned. The objective is to enable you to pursue two lines of activity accurately and simultaneously.

  1. Give five minutes to alignment consciously achieved and to the withdrawing of your consciousness to as high a point as possible.

  1. Then take five minutes for complete silence, of both the inner and the outer man. The breathing, if correctly followed, should greatly aid in this.

  1. Then inaudibly and in the achieved silence, sound the Sacred Word, the O.M., listening as you sound it, and imagining it as being sounded by the soul. The soul breathes out the sound and passes it through all three bodies and thus out into the world of men, carrying love and power.

  1. On receipt of these instructions and having in mind their general tenor, choose six short passages which should constitute your seed thoughts for the next six months. Choose them from any source you prefer but choose them all at once within a few days of receiving this. If you prefer, you can use the following six symbolic sentences which I have chosen for you. I have chosen them for you because—rightly used and understood—they can act as focal points for spiritual energy, breaking up that which hinders and pouring a cleansing tide through your personality. You seek to be a channel and you long adequately to serve. This I know. Be willing, therefore, to let the "forces of light" enact their will within your life, e'en though you awaken with surprise to unknown and unrealised aspects of yourself—both good and not so good.

First month . . . A barrier of stone. A flood of cleansing water, and then the Vision.

  The pilgrim then can chant: I stand in love.

Second month . . . A boat at rest upon a sea of blue. And then a tidal wave. But after that the calm.

       The boatman chants: The storm has brought me here.

Third month . . . A mountain top. Snow with a fold of sunshine. A group of pilgrims on the upward way.

    One pilgrim chants: In love we walk the Way.

Fourth month . . . Three birds upon a tree. A searing wind and pouring rain, and then the nightingale—

      The bird who sings close to the heart of God.

Fifth month . . . A gate of brass, a golden portal and then an ivory door. Three gates, but only two are shut.

  Pass on, oh pilgrim on the Way, and find the open door.

Sixth month . . . The rising dawn; a cool breeze and a shaft of light. A weary pilgrim, then again the vision.                    

   He chants: I stand in love forever.

5. Then mentally carry your group brothers into the light and see the whole group functioning as a unit and

     held together by love, mutual understanding and corporate vision and united service.