Meditation 9

The Middle Way

(Volume 1 - Pages 259)

You should ask yourself the following question: What will be the effect, in the personality life upon the physical plane, of an established alignment between my soul, my mental body and my physical brain?

  1. Achieve alignment, conscious fusion and stability.

  1. Then definitely and consciously shift your attention into the mental body.

  1. Next, consider the pairs of opposites with which your personality must deal in this life. Do this by the aid of your mental body.

  1. Visualise these pairs of opposites as two high mountains, separated by a narrow pass between them; this is, for you, the symbol of "the narrow way."

  1. See these mountains, standing on either hand, one in the shade and the other in the light. See the narrow way between as a golden pathway. Then picture yourself as "passing between." As you do this, remember that your soul is observing you, the personality, progressing on this Middle Way.

  1. Then take the following seed thoughts for careful reflection:

1st month—I stand in light, the One Who can observe.

2nd month—The distant, wandering one, who is my little self, I call to me.

3rd month—Between the Pillars of the Way, I pass. I leave these twain on either hand.

4th month—The Middle Way leads to a bridge and on that bridge I stand.

5th month—And on that bridge I meet my Self.

6th month—And thus the two are one and harmony is now established.