by the Editor

As Foster Bailey makes clear in his introduction to Discipleship in the New Age Volume II, the meditations contained within this book were written for individuals who were participating in experiments in group work under the guidance of the Tibetan.  They were offered in light of the Tibetan’s full knowledge of the Ray structure, karma and evolutionary level of each individual to whom they were offered as guidance.  Then why collect and present them out of context?

The thought-form underlying this Collection of Meditations is threefold:

  1. STUDY AID:  They are presented as study aids.  They can be studied in a general manner without prior knowledge of the individual for whom they were prescribed.  This may include a study of the ‘forms’ the meditations take, and the various stages that are often undertaken in a specific order.  Students may also find that merely reading through these meditations can kindle one’s enthusiasm for the esoteric science of meditation.

  1. PRACTICAL USE:  They are presented as intermediate and advanced meditations for practical use.  Many of the meditations are of value for daily balance, alignment as well as the movement and focusing of energies within the three sheaths; the physical, astral and mental bodies.  Many of the meditations are designed to bring each seeking personality closer knowledge of, and eventual contact with, first their own soul and eventually the Ashram.

  1. ACT OF SERVICE:  Their use constitutes a true and useful act of service.  Advancing students are encouraged to utilize some of the powerful meditations, which add qualified energy to strengthen the Ashramic group and the New Group of World Servers.  Many opportunities for advancing the Plan can be found within these important instructions.

Although the Tibetan has warned students of the dangers of focusing upon the centers themselves, the kundalini energy, or the fanatical overuse of any mantram or meditative form, I believe that the average student of the Blue Books is now quite capable of being trusted to practice these meditations in a safe and sane manner, yet the karma for collecting and releasing the material outside of its original context must ultimately lie with me.  I trust the result will be worth the risk.

Students who submit themselves to one or more of the meditations, may wish to make alterations to them in order to better suit their individual, intuited Path of Approach.  Students are advised to make only small modifications (if any) and to closely monitor the response in their threefold bodies, as well as in their daily lives.  Discontinue the use of any meditative form if undue volatility ensues in any area of life or within any of the three bodies.

These meditations will be found useful as stand-alone meditations without any background knowledge, however, to understand the context in which they were originally offered, I strongly recommend that all earnest students read both volumes of Discipleship in the New Age.  

In Unity, Love and Light,

Patrick Westfall