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The internal fires of the system, of the planet, and of man are threefold:

  1. Interior fire at the center of the sphere, those inner furnaces producing warmth. This is latent fire.

  1. Radiatory fire.  This type of fire might be expressed in terms of Physical plane electricity, of light Rays, and of Etheric energy.  This is active fire.

  1. Essential fire, or the fire elementals who are themselves the essence of fire.  They are mainly divided into two groups:
  1. Fire Devas or evolutionary entities.
  2. Fire elementals or involutionary entities.


From the very use of the term "sheath" it will be noted that we are considering those fires which manifest through the medium of those externalities, of those veils of substance which hide and conceal the inner Reality.  It is frequently overlooked by the casual student that both the Astral and the mental bodies are material, and just as material in their own way, as is the dense physical body, and also that the substance of which they are composed is animated by a triple fire, as is the physical.

The Three Channels (Sheaths)

  1. The Fires of the lower vehicles are:
  1. Physical Body  
  2. Astral Body  
  3. Mental Body

  1. Fire demonstrates correspondingly in all three sheaths as:  warmth, nervous response and pranic emanation.

  1. The fire of Spirit is the essential fire of the 1st Ray Lord of Will plus the 2nd Logos of Love.  These merge and demonstrate as Soul, utilizing the 3rd Ray Logos of Intelligence to aid manifestation.

In the physical body, we have the fires of the lower nature (the animal plane) centralized at the Base of the Spine.  They are situated at a spot which stands in relation to the physical body as the physical sun to the solar system.  This central point of heat radiates in all directions, using the spinal column as its main artery, but working in close connection with certain central ganglia, wherever located, and having a special association with the spleen.  

In the Etheric body, which is an exact replica of its denser counterpart, we have the organ of active or radiatory fire, and, as is well known, the vehicle of prana.  Its function is to store up the Rays of radiatory light and heat which are secured from the sun, and to transmit them, via the spleen, to all parts of the physical body.  

The Man:  At the Base of the Spine lie hid the fires of the human system, or the internal fires of the Microcosm.  The center is located there, and from it the radiations go forth along the three channels, recognizable in the spine.

Bodily warmth:  The channel along which the heat radiates and which finds the goal of its attention to be the heating of the corporeal frame.  This vitalization of the dense matter of the body finds its correspondence in the systemic akasha, and in planetary productive substance.

Nervous response:  This is the vitalizing tenuous fluid which applies itself to the stimulation of the nervous centers, and which creates electrical response to contact between the nerves and the brain.  It should now be more closely studied.  It corresponds to systemic electricity, and to planetary electricity.

Pranic emanation:  The emanation, via the Etheric body, which corresponds in man to solar prana and to planetary prana.  This demonstrates principally in the health aura and has naught to do with magnetic qualities, as generally interpreted when considering a personality, or man as a unit.  I make this repetition as it is very necessary that no mental confusion exists between that magnetism which is a Spiritual emanation and that which is purely animal.


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