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The fires approach the shadow, yet burn it not.  The fire sheath is completed.  Let the magician chant the words that blend the fire and water.  

The gaseous sheath is created, and the hour for the formation of the sheath for the sixth subplane, the liquid, is near.  The two must blend.  This is the moment of the greatest danger, as far as the thought-form itself is concerned.  Earlier dangers have menaced the magician.  Now the form he is creating must be protected.  The nature of the danger is hinted at in the words: "Where fire and water meet apart from chanted sound, all dissipates in steam.  The fire ceases to be."  This danger is hid in the karmic enmity existing between the two great groups of Devas, which can only be united by the mediator, man.


It is apparent to all careful students of this Treatise on Fire that in this section we are concerned with:

First, that mode of activity which distinguishes the Vishnu aspect of Deity, or the motion of the Divine Manasaputras.  This involves, therefore, a consideration of the effects of this motion:

Second, that impulse which is the basis of the Law of Periodicity, and which results in the cyclic incarnation of all Beings.  This impulse manifests in three cycles or in three turns of the wheel of Being:

  1. The activity which produces involution, or the submergence in matter of Life or Spirit.  

  1. The activity which produces the equilibrium of these two forces, matter and Spirit, or manifestation, or the processes of evolution.  

  1. The activity which withdraws the central energy from out of the responsive form and produces obscuration.  

Third, that activity which causes the interplay, attraction and consequent repulsion, between all atoms, from the great cosmic atom, a solar system, to the tiny atom of the chemist or the physicist.  This activity, therefore, may be viewed as:

Students need here to remember that we are concerned with the energy or activity which produces forms, and,  therefore, with the forces which tend to coherence, to concretion, and to the stabilization of the work of the builders.  If they but realized it, the key to much that is connected with the production of forms, or of the Son, the second aspect, is contained in the above tabulation, for all nature holds together, and the life of any scheme, globe, kingdom, or atom, becomes in turn the animating principle of another scheme, globe, kingdom, or atom.  

Everything in the solar system is in a state of flux, as is everything in the universe, and the vital energy circulates, as the blood or the nervous energy of the body circulates, throughout the entire system.  This is the basis of the occult fact that all in nature, for instance, will be, is, or has been, through the human kingdom.  Under this type of solar activity, the ultimate good is attained by the method of interplay, interchange, and in mutual attraction and repulsion.  


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