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These results can be studied in four ways, considering each as a subsidiary Law of the basic Law of Attraction and Repulsion.  All motion is the result literally of the impact, or intercourse, between atoms, and there is no atom anywhere which escapes this force.  In the case of rotary motion, which governs the activity of the atom of substance, the impulse emanates from within the ring-pass-not, and is produced by the impact of the positive charge upon the negative charges.  This is true of all atoms, cosmic, solar, individual, chemical, and so forth.  

When, however, the effect of the rotation of the atom is so strong that it begins to affect other atoms outside its individual ring-pass-not, another influence begins to make itself felt, which draws together, or dissipates, those contacting coalescing atoms.  

1.  The Law of Expansion

This law of a gradual evolutionary expansion of the consciousness indwelling every form is the cause of the spheroidal form of every life in the entire solar system.  It is a fact in nature that all that is in existence dwells within a sphere.  The chemical atom is spheroidal; man dwells within a sphere, as does the planetary Logos and the Solar Logos, this sphere being the form matter takes when its own internal activity, and the activity of the form are working in unison.  It requires the two types of force, rotary and spiral-cyclic, to produce this.  Scientists are beginning to recognize this more or less, and to realize that it is the Law of Relativity, or the relation between all atoms, which produces that which is called Light, and which, in its aggregated phenomena, forms that composite sphere, a solar system.  

All in nature affects that which it contacts, and these effects work either as:

2.  The Law of Monadic Return

Here it is possible to study the Monad from the cyclic and energetic standpoint, and divorce our minds temporarily from that aspect of manifestation we call the human, or man.  In considering the "Divine Pilgrim" we can study him as demonstrating in the form of:

In relation to a solar system, these three fires on the cosmic planes are called:

  1. The central Spiritual sun (essential).  
  2. The sun (subjective), called 'the heart of the sun.'
  3. The physical sun (objective).  

The same thought can be carried through the Monadic manifestation.  The three Monadic centers are distinguished by different types of energy:

  1. Monadic - Dynamic energy - Electric impulse - Pure Fire.  
  2. Egoic - Magnetic energy - Radiatory impulse - Solar Fire.  
  3. Personal - Individual energy - Rotary impulse - Fire by Friction.  

The first produces light, the second heat, and the third moisture or concretion.  By the interplay of the three types of force which constitute the three Monadic aspects, a rhythm is set up which eventuates in the formation of:

  1. A ring-pass-not, or ovoidal sphere, wherein the pilgrim is confined, and which contains within itself three major centers of force, corresponding to:
  2. The three major logoic centers when the subjective or force side of existence is contemplated.  
  3. The three permanent atoms if the purely objective side is in question.  
  4. A cyclic pulsation, which is the cause of every evolutionary impulse.


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