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I.  The Work of the Three Rays

Each body or form wherein Spirit functions has, for its focal point on each plane, an atom composed of matter of the atomic subplane of each plane.  This serves as a nucleus for the distribution of force, for the conservation of faculty, for the assimilation of experience, and for the preservation of memory.  These atoms are in direct connection with one or other of the three great Rays in connection with the microcosm:

Each of these Rays has a connection with one or other of the permanent atoms in the lower threefold man, and has a direct action upon the spirillae found within the atom.

The relationship between these three Rays and the permanent atoms might be summarized as follows:

Each body in which Spirit functions has a focal point upon each plane called a Permanent Atom.  The Physical atom is linked to the Personality Ray, the Astral atom to the Egoic Ray and the Mental to the Monadic Ray.

II.  The Personality Ray and the Permanent Atoms

The Personality Ray concerns the first four spirillae, Egoic the fifth and sixth, Monadic the 7th.  By life upon the Physical plane (that life wherein the physical permanent atom has its full demonstration) the matter is arranged and separated that must eventually be built into the Temple of Solomon, the Egoic body, through the agency of the Egoic life, the second aspect.  In the quarry of the personal life are the stones prepared for the great Temple.  In existence upon the Physical plane and in the objective personal life is that experience gained which demonstrates as faculty in the Ego.

III.  The Personality Ray and Karma

The karma of matter itself is an abstruse subject and has as yet scarcely been hinted at.  It is nevertheless indissolubly mixed up with the karma of the individual.  It involves a control of the evolution of the Monadic essence, the elemental essence and of the atomic matter of the plane; it is concerned with the development of the four spirillae, with their activity, with their attachment to forms when atomic, and with the development of the inner latent heat and its gradual fiery increase until we have within the atom a repetition of what is seen within the Causal body: the destruction of the periphery of the atom by the means of burning.

Every thing is, in its totality, the result of action taken by cosmic Essences and Entities in earlier solar systems which is working out through the individual atoms, and through those congeries of atoms which we call forms.  The effect of the Personality Ray upon the internal fires is therefore, in effect, the result of the influence of the planetary Logos of whatever Ray is implicated, as He works out that portion of Karma which falls to His share in any one cycle, greater or lesser.  He thus brings about and eventually transmutes, the effects of causes which He set in motion earlier in relation to His six Brothers, the other planetary Logoi.


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