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1.  The Mineral Kingdom is divided into three main divisions:

                a. The base metals.

b. The standard metals.

c. The crystals and precious stones.

2.  The Vegetable Kingdom is:

a. The transmitter of the vital pranic fluid.

b. A bridge between the so-called conscious and the unconscious.

c. In an esoteric relation to the Deva or angel kingdom.

3.  The four minor Rays control the four kingdoms:

                a. The 7th Ray controls the Mineral kingdom.

b. The 6th Ray controls the Vegetable kingdom.

c. The 5th Ray controls the Animal kingdom.

d. The 4th Ray controls the Human kingdom.

4.  The 4th Ray and the 4th kingdom form a point of harmony for the three lower kingdoms.

5.  The 5th Ray has a peculiar relation to the animal kingdom in that it is the Ray governing the merging of that kingdom in the human.

6.  The human kingdom is seeking to make manifest the desire or the love nature of the planetary Logos. The three subhuman kingdoms seek to manifest the intelligent nature of the planetary Logos.

7.  The mineral kingdom is responsive to the lowest type of energy, the lowest aspect of fire. The vegetable kingdom is responsive to that type of energy which produces the phenomenon of water. The animal kingdom is responsive to the type of energy which is a combination of the two above mentioned, fire and water. The human kingdom is responsive to the energy of fire at its highest manifestation in the three worlds.

8.  The period of radiation is longest in the mineral kingdom and shortest in the human kingdom.

9. The mineral kingdom provides that negative yet vital something which is the essence of the human

        permanent atom. The vegetable kingdom provides the negative energy for the Astral permanent atom in

        the human kingdom. The animal kingdom provides the negative force which when energised by positive

        force becomes the mental unit.



Mental Body

Mental Unit

Animal Kingdom



Astral Body

Astral Permanent Atom

Vegetable Kingdom



Physical Body

Physical Permanent Atom

Mineral Kingdom

10. Each kingdom in nature is positive to the one next below.


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