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As we start this new part of our study, we can proceed to consider man as he is upon the Physical plane, in the majority of cases. Speaking with a broad generalisation, we could say that human beings can be grouped into four classes:

  1. A few who are under the influence of their Souls, or who are rapidly becoming so.
  2. Personalities, of whom there are many today.
  3. A vast number of people who are awakening to mental consciousness.
  4. The great mass of humanity, who are the unawakened human beings and the bulk of the population of the world.

The majority of the Souls in the human family come into incarnation in obedience to the urge or the desire to experience, and the magnetic pull of the Physical plane is the final determining factor. They are, as Souls, oriented towards earth life. Increasingly, awakening Souls, or those who are (occultly speaking) "coming to themselves", enter into physical life experience only dimly aware of another and higher "pull." They are, therefore, without as true an orientation to the Physical plane as are the bulk of their fellow men. These awakening Souls are the ones who can at times be influenced to retard or delay their entry into physical life in order to effect a conditioning of the processes of civilisation. Or again, they can be prevailed upon to hasten their entrance into life so as to be available as agents for such a conditioning process. This process is not carried forward by them through any emphasised or intelligently appreciated activity, but it is naturally brought about by the simple effect of their living in the world and there pursuing their life objectives. They thus condition their surroundings by the beauty, the power, or the influence of their lives, and are themselves frequently quite unconscious of the effect that they are having. It will be apparent therefore, that the needed changes in our civilisation can be brought about rapidly or slowly, according to the number of those who are living as Souls in training.

The second category of human beings, who are here designated as personalities, is also becoming powerful. It merges with both the first group and the third.

We have in the world today the following types of personalities:

  1. Personalities who are rapidly shifting into the category of "conditioning Souls."

  1. Personalities who are integrated, coordinated men and women, but who are not yet under the influence of the Soul. Their "self-will and self-love" is such a powerful factor in their lives that they exert a determining influence upon their environment.

  1. Awakening personalities are also found. These merge with our third classification and are the cream or the best expression of the third group.

The one unit descends towards the ascending related unit, (speaking in terms of an approach from two directions). This takes place under divine impulsion and human aspiration, and both act equally under:

  1. The Law of Karma.
  2. The Law of Necessity.
  3. The Law of Cycles.
  4. The Law of Attraction.

Three types of energy meet and blend in the personality, finding their expression through the medium of an outer tangible form which is itself coloured, motivated and conditioned by a fourth type of energy—the energy of basic matter. This basic matter is the product of the first solar system, and the energy of which it is composed does not, therefore, belong to our solar system at all, except through an act of appropriation, performed by our planetary Logos at the dawn of the creative activity of God. Seeking to impress, impel and motivate this group of four energies is the energy of the informing, indwelling Soul. This fifth type of energy is itself dual in nature, being the transcendent archetype of both mind and emotion, or will and love. These six energies in their turn are animated or impelled by the life of God Himself, thus making the seven energies now in manifestation. This is, of course, well known, as the theory constitutes the very bones of the occult body of truth, and in this statement is formulated the essential structure upon which esotericism is built. I have stated it purely in terms of energy, and not of principles or bodies, so as to bring the Ageless Wisdom into line with modern truth and scientific conclusions.


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