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These three aspects of mind energy are thus blended and are a synthesis of the intelligent force of deity. They embody as much of the mind of God as a human being can embrace in time and space, for they are:

  1. The energy of intelligent life, coming from God the Father.
  2. The energy of intelligent Soul or consciousness, coming from God the Son.
  3. The energy of intelligent matter coming from God the Holy Spirit.

  1. The disciples of the world are occupied with the integration of the personality with the Soul, or with the synthesis of the first five aspects of energy as the lotus petals of love come into conscious recognition, and the intuition begins faintly to function. These petals of love, which are only symbolic forms of expressing energy, have a dual activity—they attract upward the planetary energies and bring downward the energies of the Spiritual Triad, the expression of the Monad.

  1. Initiates are becoming conscious of the sixth type of energy, that of Atma, the will aspect of Spirit. This causes them to work with the Plan and through the lotus petals of sacrifice to bring the service of the Plan into being. This is ever the aim of the initiate members of the Hierarchy. They understand, express and work with the Plan.

  1. After the third initiation, the disciple begins to work with, and to understand the significance of Spirit and his consciousness shifts gradually out of the Soul into that of the Monad in the same way as the consciousness of the personality shifted out of the lower awareness into that of the Soul.

It would be useful to bear in mind here what was earlier pointed out:

  1. The Mental body is governed by Rays 1-4-5.
  2. The Astral body is governed by Rays 2-6.
  3. The Physical body is governed by Rays 3-7.

This is often forgotten and people will have to readjust their ideas in this matter. It is by an understanding of these dominant types of force as they condition the various vehicles that the true nature of the problem of psychology will emerge and the right clue to the solution will appear.

In considering the personality, therefore, and its conditioning Rays we will study:

  1. The appropriation of the bodies:
  1. Their building psychologically, or their coherent construction.
  2. Their development and eventual alignment.
  3. Their inter-relation in the life of the personality.

  1. The coordination of the Personality:
  1. The techniques of integration, seven in number.
  2. The technique of fusion, leading to the emergence of the Ray of the Personality.
  3. The technique of duality, divinely understood, or the relation of the Ray of the Personality and the Ray of the Soul.

  1. Some problems of Psychology, arising from the point in evolution of the personality.
  1. The technique of appropriation. Physical and Etheric integration.
  2. The technique of acquiescence. Astral or psychic healing.
  3. The technique of enlightenment. Mental education.


In theosophical literature, there is much talk anent the various elementals or lunar lords which compose, constitute and control the lower nature. These, in their triple totality, form the personality. They are of man's own creation, and form the basis of the problem which he, as a Soul, has always to face until the final liberation is achieved. The mental elemental, the Astral elemental and the physical elemental have a definite life of their own which is coloured by the Rays upon which these various bodies or elementals have their being, until the man has reached a relatively high point in evolution.


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