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We have considered, cursorily I realize, the fact that the Ego appropriates to itself forms, through which expression can be made possible upon the various levels of divine manifestation. We observed that these forms, in due process of time, become embodiments of the will and purpose of their divine Indweller. This Indweller is the Soul. As the evolutionary cycle runs its course, three developments take place:

  1. The forms for expression are developed, little by little as a result of:
  1. Successive incarnations.
  2. The impulse and consequent activity of desire.
  3. The interpretation of experience, intensifying and becoming more correct and adequate with time.

  1. The self within, or identified with, the form nature:
  1. Becomes slowly conscious and intelligently active in the three worlds of human evolution.
  2. Shifts its focus of attention successively from one body to another, passing, in consciousness, into higher and higher states of awareness until the Path of Pursuit becomes the Path of Return, and desire for identification with form changes into aspiration for self-awareness. Later, comes identification with Self on its own level of consciousness.
  3. Reorients itself and thus occultly "leaves behind the hitherto desirable and aspires to that which has not hitherto been seen."

  1. The aspirant passes through an intermediate stage in the process of evolution wherein "divine attraction" supersedes the

                attraction of the three worlds. This stage falls into five parts:

  1. A period wherein duality and lack of control are realized.

  1. A period wherein an assertion of self-control takes place, through the following process:
  1. Decentralisation.
  2. Comprehension of the task ahead.
  3. An investigation, by the divine Observer of the nature of form life.
  4. Divine expression, through the medium of the form, understandingly practised.

  1. A period wherein alignment takes place, and (through understanding and practice) the form is gradually subordinated to the requirements of the Self, and begins to work in unison with Self.

  1. A period wherein the forms, aligned at increasingly frequent intervals, are:
  1. Integrated into a functioning, active personality.
  2. Swept by the power of their own dominant, integrated, personality life.
  3. Gradually controlled by the Self, and fused into an instrument for effective world service.
  4. Unified, in intent and purpose, with the Soul.

  1. A period wherein the Personality Ray and the Soul Ray are blended into one united energy, and the Personality Ray becomes a quality of, and complementary to, that of the Soul, making Soul purpose in the three worlds possible.

It is thus that we progress, and in this manner form and consciousness, appearance and quality, are brought together and divine unity is achieved, thus ending the duality hitherto sensed, which up till this time has handicapped the aspirant.

It will be wise to keep these three stages carefully in mind, because all the many modern psychological problems are founded upon:

  1. The process of reorientation with its consequences of personality upheaval and disorders.

  1. The process of integration which is going on within the lower nature of intelligent humanity, leading

        inevitably to duality and conflict.

  1. The fusion of the personality and the Soul in consciousness, with its physiological and personality

        effects, producing the problems and psychological dilemmas of the highly developed aspirant and

        disciple. In this stage, the so-called "diseases of mystics" become pronounced.


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