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It is occultly said that "the pentagram is open and a place of danger when the disciple knows not order within his own life, and when the ritual of the Soul is not imposed and its rhythm not obeyed. The pentagram is closed when order is restored and the ritual of the Master is imposed." The writing goes on to say that "if the disciple enters through the open pentagram, he dies. If he passes over into the closed pentagram, he lives. If he transmutes the pentagram into a ring of fire, he serves the Plan."


It might be of value here if I pointed out to you that the three words: Integration, Fusion and Duality when dealt with, as they are, in connection with the final stages of the Path of Evolution, are significantly different. For one thing it might be said that:

  1. The Technique of Integration, a sevenfold technique, is applied upon the Path of Probation.
  2. The Technique of Fusion is applied upon the Path of Discipleship.
  3. The Technique of Duality is applied upon the Path of Initiation.

Integration here refers to the bringing into one field of resultant magnetic activity of five types of energy:

  1. Physical and emotional sentient energy (2 energies therefore) are brought together and eventually form one expressive force.

  1. Physical, emotional-sentient and mental energy (3) are also brought into relationship; one potent vortex of force is then set up which eventually becomes so systematised and integrated that we call its aggregated expression Personality, (4) and in time this aggregate becomes a realized potency and thus completes the fourfold lower man.

  1. These four types of energy are then brought into relationship with the Ego or Soul. This brings then into play another and higher type of energy expression, and thus the five energies integrate, blend and fuse.

The Technique of Fusion deals with the production of a close interplay of the five above enumerated aspects of energy which have been, in due time, integrated into a unity. It is really a fusion of the four forces and the one energy. This fusion produces:

  1. A demonstration of personality activity when, in response to the Technique of Integration, there is:

Gradually, the qualities of the personality energy are transmuted into those of the Ego or Soul and the fusion of the two energies—Soul and body—is then complete. This Technique of Fusion might be better understood by all of you if it were called the Technique of Transmutation, but it must be remembered that the transmutation referred to is not that of bad qualities into good or of bad characteristics into good ones (for this should take place quite definitely upon the Path of Probation) but the transmutation of the higher aspects of the Personality Ray into those of the Soul.

When this has been to a great extent carried forward satisfactorily, then the Technique of Duality comes into play—a duality differing greatly from that to which we refer when we speak of the higher and lower selves. It is a duality which is utilised upon the Path of initiation by Those Who Know no sense of separativeness, and signifies one wherein the transmuted and purified personality qualities and characteristics are used by the initiate in the three worlds for service and the furthering of the Plan.


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