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The man who will seek to use the Technique of Fusion is the disciple who is conscious of personality power, owing to the fact that his mind is beginning to dominate his sentient emotional nature, much in the same way as his emotional-sentient nature has, for ages, controlled his physical body. The use of the mind is becoming "second nature" to certain advanced types of men, and it is called into play, when they reach this stage, almost automatically. The result is that the integration of the three energies is proceeding fast. At the same time, the man is definitely oriented to Soul contact and knowledge, and frequently the mind (when it is the controlling personality factor) is itself brought suddenly and dynamically under the control of the Soul.

This accounts for the intense difficulty of the life of every disciple at this stage. Several processes are simultaneously going on:

  1. The mind factor is steadily becoming more dominant, increasingly clarified and usable.

  1. The three aspects of the lower nature are working in closer unity all the time, each growing at the same time in individual potency.

  1. The Personality Ray is making its presence felt, and the expressed power of the man (within his  environment) is equally increasing.

  1. The Soul Ray is, at times, projecting itself and this produces in the early stages those difficult upsets and turmoils which are usually of a distressing kind.

It is at this stage therefore that the Technique of Fusion can profitably be used, preserving at the same time the realized integrity of the motive which, if correctly apprehended, should be:

  1. The motive of a realized objective of Soul control in response to a living reaction to its sensed pull/call.
  2. The motive of service, in response to a sentient realisation of humanity's need.
  3. The motive of cooperation with the Plan, in response to an intelligent appreciation of its nature and


Again you will note that we have swung back to our three major themes:  Soul Control - Service -  The Plan

This Technique of Fusion evokes these three qualities in relation to the Soul, to service and to the Plan. At the same time, it brings illumination to the mind (thus revealing the Soul and the kingdom of God); it brings increased imagination (creative and dynamic) to the emotional sentient nature, the Astral body (thus revealing relationship and responsibility); it brings likewise inspiration to the physical life, to the physical body, via the brain (revealing actual capacity to cooperate intelligently with the Plan).

Therefore, we shall have to consider a technique which will do three things:

  1. Bring Illumination, through the evocation of the Will or first aspect of divinity.
  2. Bring Imagination, through the evocation of Love, the second aspect or of sentient response to the

        world Soul in all forms.

  1. Bring Inspiration, through the evocation of the Intelligence, the third aspect.


The first Ray technique must, therefore, do the following things and produce the following results:

  1. The divine will must be evoked, of which the mind aspect is the reflection, and the brain (or the phenomenal appearance) the shadow. This brings into functional activity upon the Physical plane what is called in theosophical books, Atma, or the first qualified differentiation of the Monadic Life. The quality is often called the Spiritual will.

  1. The evocation of this will produces an illumination of the mind, differing from the illumination achieved through ordinary meditation and about which much has been written in the mystical books. This latter illumination is essentially the evocation of the intuition, which brings the illumination of direct knowledge to the mind. The one to which I here refer is, symbolically speaking, related to the state of consciousness of the Creator when He sent forth the phenomena-producing fiat: "Let there be Light."


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