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Past Integrations

Between the animal body and the vital body. Between these two and the sensitive desire nature. Between these three and the lower concrete mind.

Present Integrations

Between these four aspects thus producing a coordinated personality.

Future Integration

Between the personality and the Soul.

The point to be remembered is that in racial history, many of these integrations have already taken place unconsciously as the result of life-stimulation, the evolutionary urge, the normal processes of living, experience through contact with the environment, and also of satisfaction leading to satiety of the desire nature. But there comes a time in racial unfoldment, as in the lives of individuals, when the blind process of evolutionary acquiescence becomes the living conscious effort, and it is right at this point that humanity stands today.

Hence the realisation of the human problem in terms of modern psychology; hence the widespread suffering of human units everywhere; hence the effort of modern education; and hence also the emergence in every country on a wide scale and in increasingly large numbers of three kinds of people:

  1. Those conscious of cleavage.

  1. Those achieving integration with much pain and difficulty.

  1. Personalities, or integrated and therefore dominant people.

  1. That at the same time in every country, men and women are proceeding towards a still higher synthesis and achieving it; the synthesis of Soul and body. This produces a sense of destiny, individual and racial; a sense of purpose, and of plan. It produces also the unfoldment of the intuition (the sublimation of the intellect, as that was the sublimation of the instinctual nature) and the consequent recognition of the higher ideas and idealism, and of those basic truths which when disseminated among the thinking people of the world, will produce great mental and material changes, with their transitory accompaniments and upheaval, of chaos, experiment, destruction and rebuilding.

Attention will then be given to the integration of the personality, so that all three aspects shall function as one unit. We have, therefore:

  1. The child state, in which the three first integrations are brought about, and the objective of the educational procedure will be to effect this with the minimum of difficulty.

  1. The human state, dealing with the integration of all the aspects into one functioning self-conscious, self-directed personality.

  1. The Spiritual state, dealing with the integration of the personality and the Soul, thus evoking the consciousness of the Whole. When this is accomplished, group consciousness is added to self- consciousness, and this is the second great step on the way to God consciousness.

The difficulty today is that we have on every hand people at all different stages in the integrative process; all of them in a "state of crisis" and all of them therefore providing the problems of modern psychology.

These problems may be divided more precisely into three major groupings:

  1. The Problems of Cleavage: These in their turn are of two kinds:

a.  The problems of integration.

b.  Those arising out of a sense of duality.

This sense of duality, as the result of realized cleavage, ranges all the way from the "split personality" difficulties of so many people to those of the mystic with his emphasis upon the lover and the loved, the seeker and the sought, upon God and His child.


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