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  1. The Problems of Integration, which produce many of the difficulties of the more advanced people.

  1. The Problems of Stimulation: These arise as the result of an achieved synthesis and integration, producing consequently an inflow of unaccustomed energy. This inflow may express itself as a high voltage ambition, as a sense of power, as desire for personality influence or as true Spiritual power and force. In every case, however, comprehension of the resultant phenomena is required, and most careful handling. Arising from these problems we find also:

  1. Mental Problems: Certain definite complexes occur when the integration of the mind with the three lower aspects has been brought about, and some clear thought about them will be useful.

  1. The Diseases of Mystics: These are concerned with those attitudes of mind, those complexities of idea and those "Spiritual enterprises" which affect the mystically inclined or those who are aware of the Spiritual dualism of which St. Paul wrote in the Epistle to the Romans. (Romans VII, 14-24)

These difficulties will call for increasing attention as the race proceeds towards personality integration and from thence to Soul contact.


In considering the inner structure of man and those factors which produce the outer appearance and quality and condition it, thus producing the resultant behaviour and conduct, psychologists will have to study the following subjects, beginning with the lowest aspect and expanding their ideas to include the highest possible. These might be grouped and listed as follows:

  1. The outer response apparatus, acting under impulses received from the outer environment and the inner subjective realms. These come, according to the esoteric theories, via:

  1. The brain, from whence certain aspects of the nervous system are directed and controlled, first by mental influence and then by conscious Soul direction.

  1. The endocrine or glandular system, acting under impulses entering the physical body via the seven centers in the Etheric body; of these centers, the glandular system is simply the externalisation, or physical counterpart. The glands condition the man through the blood stream, being in their turn conditioned by the centers.

  1. The Solar Plexus, directing and controlling certain aspects of the nervous system, and which is in large part the instinctual or animal brain.

  1. The heart, the center of life.

  1. The vital or Etheric body. This is the major energising factor and is an exact replica or counterpart of the outer form, being the true intermediary between the inner worlds and the outer man. The nadis (lines or threads of force) underlie every nerve in the human body and the centers which they form at certain points of intersection or juncture are the background or motivating agency of every ganglion or plexus found in the human body. Certain of these centers, major and minor, are of unique evolutionary importance. These are as follows:

  1. The Head center is the seat of Soul energy, or the center through which the conscious, Spiritual man functions.

  1. The Heart center is the seat of life, of the highest principle which expresses itself through man.

  1. The Solar Plexus center is the seat of the instinctual life, of the animal Soul, and of the highly developed emotional nature.

  1. The center at the Base of the Spine is the major integrating center and comes into functioning activity when two major fusions have been effected: that of the fusions of the three bodies into one coordinated personality, and when Soul and body are at-oned.


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