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I have consistently emphasised the necessity for our recognition of the existence of energy. In occultism (or esotericism) we use the word "energy" to connote the living activity of the Spiritual realms, and of that Spiritual entity, the Soul. We use the word "force" to connote the activity of the form nature in the realms of the various kingdoms in nature. This is a point of dominant interest and of implied distinction.

Stimulation might, therefore, be defined as the effect which energy has upon force. It is the effect which Soul has upon form, and which the higher expression of divinity has upon what we call the lower expression. Yet all is equally divine in time and space and in relation to the point in evolution and the whole. This energy has the following effects and I state these effects in various ways in order to produce clarification in the many differing types of minds:

  1. An increased rate of rhythm and vibration.

  1. A capacity to offset time and, therefore, to do more in one hour of so-called time than the average person can do in two or three hours of time.

  1. An upheaval in the personality life which leads—if correctly met—to a clear sighted meeting of karmic obligations.

  1. An intensification of all reactions. This includes all reactions emanating from the world of daily living (and, therefore, from the environment), from the world of aspirational life, from the mind and from the Soul, the great Reality in the life of the incarnated individual, even if he does not know it.

  1. A clarification of life objectives, and hence a dominant emphasis upon the importance of the personality and the personality life.

  1. A developing process of destruction which involves issues with which it seems beyond the capacity of the personality to deal.

  1. Certain physiological and psychological problems which are based upon the capacity, the inherent weaknesses and strengths and the qualifications of the instruments of reception.

It should be remembered here that all stimulation is based upon the reaction (or the power to receive and register) of the lower nature when brought into relation to the higher. It is not based upon the reaction of the higher to the lower. Upon this reception, there eventuates a speeding up of the atoms which compose the personality vehicles; there follows a galvanising into activity of cells in the brain which have been hitherto dormant and also of the body areas around the seven centers, particularly in the organic and physiological correspondences to the centers, plus a grasp of possibilities and of opportunities. These results may work out either in the form of disastrous failure or in the form of significant development.

To all this, the stimulation of the nervous system of the subject responds and hence the effects are pronouncedly physical. These effects may mean release through the proper expenditure of the inflowing energy and consequently no serious effects, even when there may exist undesirable conditions, or they may mean that the instrument is in such a condition that the energy pouring through will be disruptive and dangerous and all kinds of bad results may be incurred, including:


Ray One         Power or Will                        Head center

Ray Two         Love-Wisdom                         Heart center

Ray Three        Active Intelligence                         Throat center

Ray Four        Harmony through Conflict                 Base of Spine

Ray Five         Concrete Knowledge                 Ajna center

Ray Six         Devotion                                 Solar Plexus

Ray Seven         Ceremonial Order                         Sacral center


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