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All the centers in the body are then swept into ordered activity by the forces of love and will. Then takes place the final transference of all the bodily and psychic energies into the Head center through the awakening of the center at the Base of the Spine. Then the great Polar opposites, as symbolised and expressed by the Head center (the organ of Spiritual energy) and the center at the Base of the Spine (the organ of the material forces) are fused and blended and from this time on the man is controlled only from above, by the Soul.  These stages can be recognized as:

1)   The stage wherein transference is made of all the lower energies into the Solar Plexus, preparatory

       to carrying them to the throat and Heart centers above the diaphragm. This stage covers not only  

       the process of transference but also that of focusing the forces in the higher centers.

       Period ----------- The later stages of the Path of Probation and early on the Path of Discipleship.

 Keynote --------- Discipline.

 Objective -------- Idealism, plus personality effort. Purification and control.

2)  The stage wherein transference is made into the Ajna center and the personality life becomes

        integrated and powerful.

Period------------The later stages of the Path of Discipleship and up to the time of the 3rd initiation.

Keynote --------- Expression of the Soul, through the medium of the personality.

Objective-------- The understanding of the Plan and consequent cooperation with it.

  1. Then comes the third and final stage with which we need not concern ourselves wherein there is a

complete blending of the bodily forces (focused through the Ajna center) with the Soul forces, (focused through the Head center). It is at this time that there comes the final evocation of the personality will (purified and consecrated) which has been "sleeping, coiled like the serpent of wisdom" at the Base of the Spine; this surges upward on the impulse of devotion, aspiration and enlightened will and thus fuses itself in the head with the Spiritual will. This is the final raising, by an act of discriminating determination, of the kundalini fire.

This raising takes place in three stages, or impulses:

  1. The stage wherein the lower energies are carried to the Solar Plexus center.

  1. The stage wherein these energies, pouring through to the heart, are blended and carried to the throat.

  1. The stage wherein all the five lower forms of energy are focused in the Ajna center in the head.


The forces which are responsible for the awakening of the centers are many. The primary one is the force of evolution itself, plus the inherent or innate forward-pressing urge towards greater inclusiveness which is always found in every individual being. This secondary aspect of the evolutionary principle needs careful elaborating. We have for too long been occupied with the effort to develop the form side of nature so that it shall become increasingly sensitive to its environment and thus build an ever improving mechanism. But the twofold fact of the development of an increasing capacity to include and the fact of the existence of the one interior factor, the Self, which brings about this steady development, needs emphasising. From the standpoint of the occult student, there are three ideas which lie behind this belief:

  1.   The fact of the Indweller, the Entity within the form who looks on at life as it unfolds, who develops

        awareness of the environment and who becomes inclusive—eventually to the point of synthesis.

  1.   The fact of the inherent ability (found in all forms of life in all kingdoms) to progress towards this

        greater inclusiveness, passing from kingdom to kingdom in this unfolding process.

  1.   The fact that humanity constitutes a central point from which this inclusiveness can be consciously

        developed. Hitherto, the development has been natural, normal and part of the evolutionary urge. This

        it still remains, but the process can be hastened as man gains control of his mental processes and

        begins to work (as the conscious Indweller) towards appointed ends.


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