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I deal with the subjective aspect of man, and with the secondary causes which have their roots in man's inner bodies and in the subjective side of nature itself. I seek to make clear what man may do to free himself increasingly from the accumulation of the past, both individually and as a group, and in so doing to clear his physical body of the germs of disease.

It must, however, be borne in mind that many diseases are of a group nature, and are consequently inherent in humanity itself. Just as the insect world Devastates and destroys the vegetable kingdom, as any chance walker through the woods can note, so germs—individual and group—today Devastate and destroy the human kingdom. They are agents of destruction and are performing a definite office and duty in the great scheme of things at present.  The intent is for men to die, as every man has to die, at the demand of his own Soul. When man has reached a higher stage in evolution, with deliberation and definite choice of time, he will consciously withdraw from his physical body.


Disease is the Product of, and subject to, three influences. First, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error. Second, his inheritance, wherein he shares with all mankind those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. Thirdly, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on His body. These three influences are called "The Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." This must give place some day to that new Law of Ancient Dominating Good which lies behind all that God made. This law must be brought into activity by the Spiritual will of man.


The healer must achieve magnetic purity through purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when he has linked the centers in the head. When this magnetic field is established, the radiation too goes forth.


1.  All disease is disharmony and lack of alignment and control.

a. Disease is found in all the four kingdoms in nature.

b. Disease is purificatory in effect.

c. Definite methods of healing are peculiar to humanity, and mental in origin.

2.  Disease is a fact in nature.

a. Antagonism to disease simply energises it.

b. Disease is not the result of wrong human thought.

c. Disease is a process of liberation and the enemy of that which is static.

The law of cause and effect governs disease as it governs all else in manifestation. We found also that healing is brought about in three ways:

  1. Through the application of the methods of the many schools of medicine and allied groups.

  1. Through the use of psychology.

  1. Through the activity of the Soul.


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