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A human being is also predisposed to trouble if he has succeeded (as a result of a long evolutionary history) in awakening in some fashion, however slight, the centers above the diaphragm. The moment that that occurs he becomes subject, for a long cycle of lives, to difficulties connected with the heart or with the nervous system in its various branches. Frequently an advanced human being, such as an aspirant or a disciple, may have freed himself from the inherited taints, but will succumb to heart trouble, to nervous disorders, mental imbalance, and overstimulation. They are classified as the "diseases of the Mystics."

I seek to deal primarily with causes, with the inner sources of dis-ease and deal with those states of consciousness (I do not say states of mind only) which induce wrong functioning, and eventually wrong conditions.

The problem of the healer, therefore, is twofold:

  1. First, he must know whether the difficulty lies above or below the diaphragm; this takes him definitely into the realm of occult as well as of psychological knowledge.

  1. Secondly, he must have a clear grasp of the patient's inner emphasis; this last aids him in the diagnosis of the first.


Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from which the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exact through which relief must come.

I would like to call your attention to those last few words, and would emphasise to you the fact that disease primarily is an effort on the part of the natural physical body to seek relief and achieve release from inner pressures, from subjective inhibitions and hidden retentions. Primarily, from the point of view of esotericism, all physical disease is the result of:

You will see, therefore, that again (in the domain of health) all problems resolve themselves into the right use and the correct handling of force, in order to effect the free flow of energy.

I have said that these taints to which humanity is prone are found in the soil, and that their presence there is largely due to the burial, down the ages, of millions of corpses. By the increased use of the processes of cremation, this condition will be steadily improved. Gradually, very gradually, the taint will thus die out. It is therefore highly desirable that there be as much propaganda as possible for the use of this method of disposing of the discarded physical vehicles of the Souls who are passing out of incarnation. As the soil becomes less tainted, and as Soul contact is established, we can hope to see a steady decrease in the number of those who succumb to the inherited taints. Curiously enough, the free use of salt sea bathing has a definite effect on the healthiness of the physical body. The water, incidentally absorbed through the medium of the skin and by the mouth, has a vitally prophylactic effect.

Will you misunderstand if I point out to you that where desire is inhibited (which is the case with many aspirants today) all kinds of diseases—cancer, congestion of the lungs and certain liver complaints— become possible, as well as the dread malady of tuberculosis? The diseases of inhibition are numerous and serious, as you will note from the above enumeration. It should be noted that where desire is rampant and uncontrolled and no inhibition is present, such diseases as the syphilitic disorders, homosexuality and inflammations and fevers appear. According to the temperament so will be the types of disease, and the temperament is dependent upon the Ray quality. People on the different Rays are predisposed to certain disorders. The psychologists are right in their basic differentiation of human beings into the two major types—extroverts and introverts. These two types produce their own qualities of disease, which demonstrate as ill health through over-expression or inhibition.


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