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Where there is integration there is the free play of force and of energy throughout the material body. The problems of stimulation will, however, steadily increase with the growing sensitivity of the physical man and the developing focus of his consciousness in the mind nature. This will go on until man learns how to handle the higher energies and to recognise the need for a rhythmic life, paying attention to the Law of Periodicity.

In healing work, certain rules should be mastered and followed by the healer. I have given three important rules already. Briefly they are as follows, and I am dividing the first one into its component parts for the sake of clarity:

  1. The healer must seek to link his Soul, his heart, his brain, and his hands. Thus can he pour the vital force with healing power upon his patient. This is magnetic work.

  1. The healer must seek to link his Soul, his brain, his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the Soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not. The Soul displays its power.

  1. The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. He must achieve that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man once he has linked the centers in the head. When this magnetic field has been established, the radiance then goes forth.

  1. Let the healer train himself to know the inner stage of thought or of desire of the one who seeks his help. He can thereby know the source from which the trouble comes. Let him relate the cause and the effect, and know the point exact through which relief must come.


The healer and the healing group must keep the will in leash. It is not will that must be used, but love.

This last rule is of great importance. The concentrated will of any individual and the directed will of a united group should never be employed. The free will of the individual must never be subjected to the impact of a powerfully focussed group or individual; it is far too dangerous a procedure to be permitted. Will energy (particularly that of a number of people simultaneously playing upon the subtle and physical bodies of the one to be healed) can greatly increase the trouble instead of curing it.

  1. In magnetic healing, the healer, or the healing group. does two things:

  1. He attracts to the healing center that type of energy which will counteract the disease. This is necessarily a vast subject and one of deep scientific import. Certain types of Ray force can be used with certain types of disease, necessitating the use of certain specific centers for the distribution.

  1. He attracts to himself and absorbs those forces which are producing the disease, drawing it forth from the patient.

This latter process necessitates a careful guarding of the healer from all contamination by the disease, so that the forces can find no place in his body. There must also be the supplying of fresh energy to the patient, in order to take the place of that which has been withdrawn. This process sets up a definite interplay between the healer and the patient. There is consequently some real danger in this work of occult healing, and for this reason the healers in training should bear in mind that they will work as a group and not as individuals. The free circulation of force produces good health in the individual or group. The free circulation of force between a healer or a healing group and the person to be healed can produce the cure of disease, provided it is the destiny of the man to be healed at any given time and his cooperation is given when possible, though this is not really essential. It facilitates more rapid results in many cases. In others, the patient's anxiety can negate the desired effects.

In radiatory healing, the process is simpler and safer for the healer simply gathers power into himself and then radiates it out on to the patient in the form of a steadily outflowing stream of radiant energy. This stream of energy should be directed to the center nearest to the location of the disease.


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