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In this work there is no risk to the healer, but if the element of will enters into his thought or the stream of energy projected is too strong, there may be danger to the patient. The impact of the force which is being radiated upon him may not only produce nervous tension, but may lead to an increase in the power of the disease and its intensification by stimulating the atoms and cells involved in the activity of the force responsible for the trouble. For this reason beginners must avoid any concentration upon the disease itself or the area in the physical body involved and carefully keep all thought in abeyance, once the preliminary work has been done, for energy ever follows thought and goes where the thought is focussed.

The healers have to determine the effectiveness of what they are attempting and the potency of their united group work and of the force which they can wield. They have also to discover their ability to keep the will in the background and to send the healing radiance out upon a stream of love-energy. Have ever in mind that love is energy and that it is a substance as real as dense matter. That substance can be used to drive out diseased tissue and provide a healthy substitute in place of the diseased material which has been eliminated. They will, therefore, in the first cycle of work, attempt the radiatory method. It is simpler and far more easily mastered. Later, they can experiment with the method of magnetic healing. The healer will, therefore, keep all the forces focussed in the head, and his attention must be concentrated there also. The heart will be automatically involved, as he will be using the energy of love—at first entirely.


By an act of the will, after making your own quick, conscious alignment, link up as a Soul with the Souls of your group brothers. Then link up with their minds, and then with their emotional natures. Do this by the use of the imagination, realising that energy follows thought and that the linking process is inevitable, if correctly done. You can then function as a group. Then forget about the group relation and concentrate upon the work to be done.

Within yourself, then, link Soul and brain and gather together the forces of love that are to be found in your aura and focus yourself and all that you have to offer within the head, picturing yourself as a radiant center of energy or a point of vivid light. This light is to be projected upon the patient through the Ajna center between the eyes.

Then say the following group mantram: "With purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart, we offer ourselves for this work of healing. This offer we make as a group and to the one we seek to heal."

As you do this, visualise the linking process going on. See it as moving lines of living light substance, linking you to your brothers on the one hand, and to the patient on the other. See these lines going out from you to the Heart center of the group and to the patient. But work ever from the Ajna center until instructed to do differently. In this way, the Ajna center and the Heart center of all the persons involved will be closely interrelated. You see here where the value of visualisation comes in. It is in reality the Etheric externalisation of the creative imagination. Think this last sentence out.

Then use thought, directed thought, for a brief moment and think of the one you seek to heal, linking up with him, and focussing your attention on him so that he becomes a reality in your consciousness and close to you. When you are aware what the physical difficulty is, then simply recall it to your mind and then dismiss it. Forget now the details of the work, such as the group, yourself and the difficulty of the patient, and concentrate upon the type of force you are going to handle, which is, in this case and for the present, second Ray force, the force of love. What I am here giving out is an adaptation of the second Ray method of healing, arranged for beginners.

Feel a deep love pouring into you. Regard it as substantial light which you can and will manipulate. Then send it out as a stream of radiant light from the Ajna center and direct it through the medium of your hands to the patient. In doing this, hold the hands before the eyes, palms outward and with the hacks of the hands next to the eyes and about six inches away from the face. In this way, the stream which is issuing from the Ajna center, becomes divided into two and pours out through the two hands. It is thus directed on to the patient. Visualise it as pouring out and sense the patient receiving it. As you do this, say aloud in a low voice: "May the love of the One Soul, focussed in this group, radiate upon you, my brother, and permeate every part of your body—healing, soothing, strengthening; and dissipating all that hinders service and good health."


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