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Say this slowly and deliberately, believing in the results. See that no thought-power or will-power enters into the stream of healing energy, but only a concentrated radiating love. The use of the visualising faculty and of the creative imagination, plus a sense of deep and steadfast love, will keep the mind and the will in abeyance.

I would emphasise the urgent necessity for complete silence and reticence in relation to all healing work. Never let it be known by anyone that you are working in this manner, and never mention to anyone the names of those you are seeking to aid. Do not discuss the patient under treatment even among yourselves. If this basic rule of silence is not kept, it will indicate that you are not yet ready for this work and should discontinue it. This injunction is far more important than you can realize; for speech and discussion not only tend to deflect and dissipate force, but violate a fundamental rule which all healers are trained to keep, and even the medical profession on the Physical plane follows the same general procedure.


There are three major laws of health and seven minor laws. These work out in the three worlds, which is all that concerns you at this time. In all teaching to be given in the immediate future, the main emphasis will eventually be laid upon the technique of the Etheric body, for that is the next step forward. The three major laws are:

  1. The law controlling the will to live, a manifestation of the first aspect of the Logos, will or power.

  1. The law controlling equality of rhythm, a manifestation of the second aspect of the Logos, love or wisdom.

  1. The law controlling crystallisation, a manifestation of the third aspect of the Logos, the activity or foundational aspect.

These three governing factors or laws manifest through the three major divisions of the human entity:

  1. The Will aspect manifests through the organs of respiration. Another of its expressions is the faculty of sleep. In both of these you have a repetition or an analogy in the microcosm of Logoic manifestation and Logoic pralaya.

  1. The Love aspect shows itself through the heart, the circulatory system and the nervous system. This is in many ways most important for you to understand, for it controls paramountly the Etheric body and its assimilation of prana or vitality. This prana works through both the blood and the nerves, for the life force uses the blood stream and psychic force works through the nervous system. These two departments of the human organism are those which cause the greatest amount of trouble at this time and will even more in the future. The race learns through suffering, and only dire need drives man to seek solution and relief. From the present standpoint of healing, man forms again a lesser trinity of importance:

  1. The dense physical body, of which science and medicine know much.

  1. The Etheric body, which is the next field of endeavour, of experiment and of discovery.

  1. The Astral body which, simultaneously with the Etheric, is the next object for scientific control. The science of psychology will work here.

  1. The Activity aspect, which manifests primarily through the organs of assimilation and elimination. I seek here to emphasise one point. Just as our solar system is developing the love aspect, which is the second aspect, and just as the human being is polarised in the Astral body, which is the reflection of that second aspect, so the second of the three above mentioned departments of the human organism, the Etheric, is the one of paramount importance. Up to date it has been the transmitter primarily of Astral energy to the physical body. This is now in process of changing.

You see, therefore, how medical science must eventually seek solution in a simplification of methods and a return from a complexity of drugs and operations to an understanding of the right use of the energies which pour through from the inner man, via the Etheric body, to the physical.


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