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Only when he becomes the occultist does the mystic learn that all the time the magnet which attracted him, and the dualism which coloured his life and thoughts and which gave motive to all he sought to do, was his true self, that one Reality. He recognises then that assimilation into and identification with that one reality enables duality to be transmuted into unity and the sense of search to be transformed into the effort to become what he essentially is—a Son of God, one with all Sons of God. Having accomplished that, he finds himself one with the ONE in Whom we live and move and have our being.

The Spiritual technique, however, is entirely different. The personality problem and the process of delving into the subconscious are ignored, because the conditions which are undesirable are regarded as the result of lack of Soul contact and of Soul control. The patient (if I might so call him) is taught to take his eyes, and consequently his attention, away from himself, his feelings, his complexes and his fixed ideas and undesirable thoughts, and to focus them upon the Soul, the divine Reality within the form, and the Christ consciousness. This could well be called the process of scientific substitution of a fresh dynamic interest for that which has hitherto held the stage; it brings into functioning activity a cooperative factor whose energy sweeps through the lower life of the personality and carries away wrong psychological tendencies, undesirable complexes, leading to erroneous approaches to life. This eventually regenerates the mental or thought life, so that the man is conditioned by right thinking under the impulse or the illumination of the Soul.


Disease, both physical and psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted refection of divine possibilities. The thwarted Soul, seeking full expression of some divine characteristic or inner Spiritual reality, produces within the substance of its sheaths a point of friction. Upon this point the eyes of the personality are focussed, and this leads to disease. The art of the healer is concerned with the lifting of the downward focussed eyes unto the Soul, the Healer within the form. The Spiritual or third eye then directs the healing force, and all is well.

Diseases of Disciples

We will divide what we have to say anent the diseases of disciples into two parts: the specific problems of all disciples, and the difficulties incident to Soul contact. We need here to remember that all disciples are susceptible to the major categories of disease. They are attempting to be one with all humanity, and this includes, therefore, all the ills to which flesh is heir. They may not, however, succumb to the frailties of the ordinary man, and should remember that diseases of the heart and of the nerves constitute their major problem. In this connection it might be pointed out that the disciples are found in two major groups: Those who live above the diaphragm and who are, therefore, prone to heart diseases, to thyroid and throat troubles, and those who are in process of transferring the energies of the centers below the diaphragm into the centers above the diaphragm. Most of these at this time are transferring Solar Plexus energies into the heart, and the world agony is profoundly hastening the process. Stomachic, liver and respiratory troubles accompany this transference.

We could divide these problems into four categories:

  1. Those which are connected with the blood or with the life aspect, for "the blood is the life." These have specific effect upon the heart, but usually of a functional nature only. Organic disease of the heart arises in more deeply seated causes.

  1. Those which are a direct effect of energy, playing upon and through the nervous system, via the directing brain.

  1. Those which are related to the respiratory system and have an occult source.

  1. Those which are specifically due to the receptivity or the non-receptivity, to the functioning or the non-functioning, and to the influence of the center. Necessarily, these fall into seven groups, affecting seven major areas of the body. For the average disciple, before there is complete Soul control and Monadic direction, the major directing agent, via the brain, is the vagus nerve, along which the energies (entering via the Head center) are distributed to the rest of the body.


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