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There are many focal points of force within the body, but we shall deal only with the major seven which control in some degree or other all the remaining. In that way we shall not be confused. We shall consider the five centers found upon the spinal column and the two which are found in the head.

1. The Head Center: This is located at the very top of the head. It is frequently called "the thousand-petalled lotus" or the Brahmarandra.

  1. It corresponds to the central Spiritual sun.

  1. It is brought into functioning activity after the third initiation and is the organ for the distribution of Monadic energy, of the will aspect of divinity.

  1. It is related to the triple personality by the Antahkarana, which disciples and initiates are in process of constructing and which reaches its full usefulness only after the destruction of the Causal body at the fourth initiation.

  1. It is the Shamballa center in the physical body and the agent of the Father or of the first divine aspect.

  1. It registers purpose, corresponds to the "Electric Fire" of the solar system, and is dynamic in quality.

  1. Its dense physical externalisation is the pineal gland in the head. This remains active during infancy and until the will-to-be is sufficiently established so that the incarnating person is firmly anchored in physical incarnation. In the final stages of divine expression in man it again comes into activity and usefulness as the agent for the accomplishment on earth of the will energy of established Being.

  1. It is the organ of synthesis because, after the third initiation and prior to the destruction of the Causal body, it gathers into itself the energies of all the three aspects of manifested life. Where man is concerned, this means the energies of the Spiritual Triad, of the threefold Egoic lotus and of the triple personality, thus again making the nine of initiation. The energies thus synchronised and focussed in, around and above the head are of great beauty and extensive radiation, plus dynamic effectiveness. They serve to relate the initiate to all parts of the planetary life, to the Great Council at Shamballa, and to the Lord of the World, the final Initiator—via the Buddha and one of the 3 Buddhas of Activity.

The Buddha, in a most peculiar sense, relates the initiate to the second aspect of divinity—that of love—and therefore to the Hierarchy; the Buddhas of Activity relate him to the third aspect of divinity, that of active intelligence. Thus the energy of will, of consciousness and of creativity meet in him, providing the synthesis of the divine aspects.

  1. This is the only one of the seven centers which at the time of perfected liberation retains the position of an inverted lotus, with the stem of the lotus (the Antahkarana, in reality) reaching up into "the seventh Heaven," thus linking the initiate with the first major planetary center, Shamballa. All the other centers start by being inverted, with all the petals turned downwards towards the Base of the Spine; all, in the process of evolution, gradually unfold their petals and then slowly turn upwards "towards the summit of the rod," as it is called in the Old Commentary. The above is a piece of information which is of small value, except in so far as it presents a truth, completes a picture, and gives the student a symbolic idea of that which is essentially a distributing agent of the will energy of Deity.

2. The Ajna Center: This is the center between the eyebrows and is found in the region of the head just above the two eyes, where it "acts as a screen for the radiant beauty and the glory of the Spiritual man."

  1. It corresponds to the physical sun and is the expression of the personality, integrated and functioning—first of all as the disciple, and finally as the initiate. This is the true persona or mask.

  1. It achieves this functioning activity fully by the time the third initiation is taken. I would remind you that this initiation is regarded by the Hierarchy as the first major initiation, a fact which I have already communicated. It is the organ for the distribution of the energy of the third aspect—the energy of active intelligence.


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