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Not much need be written here anent this, for the body nature and the form aspect have been the object of investigation and the subject of thought and discussion of thinking men for many centuries. Much at which they have arrived is basically correct. The modern investigator will admit the Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognises, sometimes, that the Hermetic theory, "As above, so below," may throw much light on the present problems. The following postulates may serve to clarify:

1. Man, in his body nature, is a sumtotal, a unity.

2. This sumtotal is subdivided into many parts and organisms.

3. Yet these many subdivisions function in a unified manner, and the body is a correlated whole.

4. Each of its parts differs in form and in function, but all are interdependent.

5. Each part and each organism is, in its turn, composed of molecules, cells and atoms, and these are held together in the form of the

     organism by the life of the sumtotal.

6. The sumtotal called man is roughly divided into five parts, some of greater importance than others, but

        all completing that living organism we call a human being:

a. The head

b. The upper torso, or that part which lies above the diaphragm.

c. The lower torso, or that part lying below the diaphragm.

d. The arms

e. The legs

7. These organisms serve varied purposes, and upon their due functioning and proper adjustment the

                comfort of the whole depends.

8. Each of these has its own life, which is the sum total of the life of its atomic structure, and is also

        thread animated by the unified life of the whole, directed from the head by the intelligent will or energy of the Spiritual man.

9. The important part of the body is that triple division, the head, upper and lower torso. A man can function and live without his arms

                and legs.

10. Each of these three parts is also triple from the physical side, making the analogy of the three parts of man's nature and the nine of

perfected Monadic life. There are other organs, but those enumerated are those which have an esoteric significance of greater

value than the other parts:

a. Within the head are:

  1. The five ventricles of the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unified organism.
  2. The three glands, carotid, pineal and pituitary.
  3. The two eyes.

b. Within the upper body are:

  1. The throat
  2. The lungs
  3. The heart

c. Within the lower body are:

  1. The spleen
  2. The stomach
  3. The sex organs

d. The sumtotal of the body is also triple:

1.  The skin and bony structure.

2.  The vascular or blood system.

3.  The threefold nervous system.


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