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When Christ so frequently emphasised faith (or rather that quality which is translated as faith in our Western Scriptures) He referred in reality to acceptance of law, to a recognition above all of karma, and to a knowledge of divine destiny. This, if grasped, will bring about a new attitude both to God and to circumstance.

The prerequisites which I would like to emphasise might be enumerated as follows:

  1. A recognition of the great Law of Cause and Effect, if possible. This is not always possible when dealing with the totally unenlightened.

  1. Correct diagnosis of the disease by a competent physician, and later by a Spiritual clairvoyant, when that capacity is developed by the initiate healer.

  1. A belief in the law of immediate Karma. By that I mean an ability on the part of the patient or of the healer to know whether it is the destiny of the patient to be healed or else be helped to make the great transition.

  1. A willingness to recognise that healing might be detrimental and basically undesirable from the standpoint of the Soul. People are sometimes healed by the potency of the healer when it is not their destiny to resume active Physical plane living.

  1. The active cooperation of healer and patient—a cooperation based upon mutual understanding.

  1. A determined acquiescence on the part of the patient to accept whatever may be the demonstrated will of the Soul. It might be called an expression of divine indifference.

  1. An effort upon the part of both healer and patient to express complete harmlessness. The value of this will repay careful thought. This has basically a reference to the relation of both parties to their associates.

  1. An effort on the part of the patient (unless too ill) to adjust and put right those aspects of the nature and those characteristics which might militate against the right Spiritual perception. This is one of the meanings hidden in the phrase, the "work of restitution," though not the most important meaning.

  1. The deliberate eliminating of qualities, lines of thought and of desires which could hinder the inflow of Spiritual force—a force which might integrate the Soul more closely with the body in the three worlds and inaugurate a renewed life-expression, or which might integrate the Soul with its emanating source and initiate renewed life on Soul levels. This, therefore, affects the relation of the patient to his Soul.

  1. The capacity of both healer and patient to integrate into the Soul group with which they are subjectively affiliated, to integrate in other cases both personality and Soul, and, if they are at a needed point of development, both to integrate more closely into the Master's ashramic group.

These ten requirements may appear simple but are not so by any means. Superficially, they may appear to deal with character and quality and capacity; fundamentally, they concern the relation of Soul and body, and deal with integration or abstraction.

The objective underlying them in any case is to set up an unbroken rapport between the healer or the healing group and the patient who is receiving the scientific attention of the healing agent—group or individual.


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