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The techniques I shall have to give in the form of seven ancient symbolic statements or formulas, gathered out of the Book Of Rules for Initiated Disciples. I dare not yet give the simple physical application of these Ray techniques, as it would be too dangerous. When rightly used and understood they carry terrific force and—in the wrong hands—could work real damage. May I remind you here that the Black Lodge initiates likewise heal or produce death and disease, and employ very similar techniques; the difference lies in the fact that they can work only with the Personality Rays of both healer and patient, and because they are more potent on the Physical plane than are the Members of the Great White Lodge, their work is frequently most effective. The Spiritual healer, working with the energies of light whenever possible, is seldom as effective physically.

The members of the Black Lodge, or healers working under its influence, are, however, totally unable to work on a patient who is Spiritually oriented to the slightest degree, and is therefore coming under the control of the Soul; neither can they work through a healer who is Spiritually oriented. When they attempt to do so they find themselves combatted by energy coming from the Ashram towards which either the healer or the patient is moving or with which he is affiliated, even if he has his place only upon the periphery.

Where the average unthinking man is concerned, the danger of "black" interference is nil; the dark forces do not interest themselves in any unimportant person, save with those of potency and influence who can serve their ends. Also their evil work is only possible at the moment (or cycle) wherein the man is making decision as to whether he will move in Spiritual living, remain static where he is, or turn with deliberation (which is exceedingly rare) to the path of pure selfishness. This path leads to the Black Lodge.

Some disciple in the early part of next century will take these techniques or magical statements, relating to the healing work, and interpret them and elucidate them. They are susceptible of three significances, the lowest of which the modern student may succeed in interpreting for himself if he reflects adequately and lives Spiritually.

The First Ray Technique

Let the dynamic force which rules the hearts of all within Shamballa come to my aid, for I am worthy of that aid. Let it descend unto the third, pass to the fifth and focus on the seventh. These words mean not what doth at sight appear. The third, the fifth, the seventh lie within the first and come from out the Central Sun of Spiritual livingness. The highest then awakens within the one who knows and within the one who must be healed and thus the two are one. This is mystery deep. The blending of the healing force effects the work desired; it may bring death, that great release, and re-establish thus the fifth, the third, the first, but not the seventh.

This dynamic first Ray energy is usually employed by the trained Spiritual healer when it is apparent to him that the patient's hour has come and release approaches. In cases where the first Ray is the Soul Ray of either healer or patient, this application of first Ray energy must move from Head center to Head center, and from thence to the area of distress and to the center allied with the location. This may cause (when healing is possible and karmically correct) a temporary increase of the trouble; this is owing to the fact that the incoming energy "expels dynamically" the very seed or roots of the disease. There may be a rise in temperature, or a collapse of some kind or another, and for this the healer, the patient and the attendant physician must be prepared and should take the needed physical steps for amelioration—steps as ordained by the orthodox medical profession, which will offset the purely physical reaction.

Where the Soul Ray of the patient is not on the first Ray, but the first Ray is the Ray of the Personality, the healer must use great caution in applying first Ray energy, and should proceed very slowly and gradually through the center on the line of 1-3-5-7 which is nearest to the seat of trouble, passing the energy through that center and thence to the center (whichever that may be) found in the locality of the disease. If that particular center happens to be on the line of 3-5-7, the healer will have to exercise special care, or else the dynamic first Ray energy will destroy and not heal.


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