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Two factors today are having a deep psychological effect upon humanity:

  1. The suspense, fear and apprehension in every country are most adversely affecting the mass of the people, stimulating them Astrally and—at the same time—lowering their physical vitality.

  1. The impact of the higher Spiritual forces upon the more intelligently inclined and mystically motivated people is producing serious and widespread trouble, breaking down protective Etheric barriers, and throwing the doors wide open on to the Astral plane. Such are some of the dangers of Spiritual stimulation.

Therefore, it is of real value to us to study the sources from which much of this so-called "guidance" can come.


The Problem of Illusion lies in the fact that it is a Soul activity, and is the result of the mind aspect of all the Souls in manifestation. It is the Soul which is submerged in the illusion, and the Soul that fails to see with clarity until such time as it has learnt to pour the light of the Soul through into the mind and the brain.

The Problem of Glamour is found when the mental illusion is intensified by desire. What the theosophist calls "Kamamanas" produces glamour. It is illusion on the Astral plane.

The Problem of Maya is really the same as above, plus the intense activity produced when both glamour and illusion are realized on Etheric levels. It is that vital, unthinking, emotional mess in which the majority of human beings seem always to live. Therefore:

  1. Illusion is primarily of a mental quality and is characteristic of the attitude of mind of those people who are more intellectual than emotional. They have outgrown glamour as usually understood. It is the misunderstanding of ideas and thought forms of which they are guilty, and of misinterpretations.

  1. Glamour is Astral in character, and is far more potent at this time than illusion, owing to the enormous majority of people who function Astrally always.

  1. Maya is vital in character and is a quality of force. It is essentially the energy of the human being as it swings into activity through the subjective influence of mental illusion or Astral glamour or of both in combination.

As the race proceeds towards a mental polarisation which will be as powerful as the present Astral polarisation from which it is emerging, it will be found increasingly necessary to educate the race in:

  1. The nature of mental substance.

  1. The triple purpose of the mind:

  1. As a medium for expressing ideas, through the construction of the needed thought forms.

  1. As a controlling factor in the life of the personality through right use of the creative power of thought.

  1. As a reflector of the higher worlds of perceptive and intuitive awareness.

Creative thought is not the same as creative feeling and this distinction is often not grasped. All that can be created in the future will be based upon the expression of ideas. This will be brought about, first of all, through thought perception, then through thought concretion and finally through thought vitalisation. It is only later that the created thought form will descend into the world of feeling and there assume the needed sensuous quality which will add colour and beauty to the already constructed thought form.


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